The Best Christmas Present Ever. EVER.

I have been wanting this gift for as long as I can remember.  Once I opened the little package of a box with a picture of this taped on it,  I told my mom I now had no reason to get married, (cause I had everything I could want out a wedding, except maybe the honeymoon).   She thought about taking it back and not letting me order one.  

Are you ready for this? 

taking over my counter space:)


Pretty sure my life will easily be broken in to life pre-Kitchenaid Mixer and post-Kitchenaid Mixer.   I’ll try not to make you too jealous in future posts, talking about it too much, taking to many pictures, etc.  

On its first run making blondies!

Now I just need to decide which accessories to purchase…


4 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Present Ever. EVER.

  1. Melissa

    So exciting! I was trying to come up with a crack about you never needing to get married now but you beat me to it! I look forward to being a part of your Post-Kitchenaid Mixer future and helping you eat all the yumminess it is bound to produce!

  2. Unknown

    Kitchen aid mixer – so exciting. I just got one for Christmas too! I had always wanted one but I had no idea I was getting it this year!

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