The Pioneer Woman and my Oldest Friend

Jamie and I have been friends since the first day of kindergarten.  That was over 23 years ago.  That’s longer than two of my siblings have been alive.  We’ve definitely gone on different paths since leaving high school, but we have always been friends.  When she was getting married a few years ago, she wrote little notes to all the bridesmaids. She reminded me that we had been friends for 20 years and I really couldn’t believe it.  I had never really thought about it.  How many people are still close to the friends they made when they are five?  Maybe a lot of people, cause what do I know?  I just do not personally know that many.

I tried to find one of use in Kindergarten, but those are all at home.

Don't know what is going on, but I'm guessing we were going through someone's grandma's closet. And then documenting it.

So you’re probably wondering what this all has to do with the Pioneer Woman.  Cause chances are you’re here cause you saw the words “Pioneer Woman.”  It’s okay, I won’t hold it against you.  Yet.  I have been enjoying the Pioneer Woman for awhile now and last time I saw Jamie, we some how got on to the subject of her.  I love the PW.  But Jamie loves the PW, so much so that she wants to be the PW.   I can understand, some days I won’t mind being her either.  She funny, a great cook and she lives in the middle of no where with the hot cowboy she married and their kids and makes a killing off her amazing blog.  Did I mention the hot cowboy?  I, however, couldn’t be farther away from a place that would have such specimen around.  Jamie has her cowboy and lives in the middle of no where and they have a kid.  So she’s well on her way.  Although, unless it has improved dramatically since high school and her days of burning noodles, her cooking needs some serious help from the PW.  So anyway, during this conversation about the PW, I mentioned how my friend had gone to a book signing of hers in Manhattan not too long ago and I had to miss it but was hoping to see her next time around.  Jamie was rather jealous, probably one of the few times, and I started formulating a little plan.

When Melissa mentioned that the PW was coming back because she had a new cookbook coming out, I bought another copy of her book The Pioneer Woman: Black  Heels to Tractor Wheels- A Love Storyto get signed for Jamie.  I was going to get her the new cookbook but I couldn’t pre-order it because it came out the same day of the signing, so I wouldn’t have it on time.  And, (no offence Swanny Brownie), I’m just poor, I didn’t want to pay full price to get it at the signing when I could pay half for it online.  Plus I figured Jamie would have ordered the cookbook herself and she had not read the love story yet, I checked with her cowboy.  So armed with my book for signing on March 13th, I posted a Facebook message about getting to meet the PW that evening.  Just as I hoped it would, Jamie saw and replied about how jealous she was and how she needed every detail, little did she know I was setting a little trap:)

The Pioneer Woman Speaks

The PW was hilarious and cute.  She took pictures of the audience and told funny little stories.  She also encouraged us to swoon over her Marlboro Man– and really, who wouldn’t?  She told her little story of how she got to where she was standing now, with great pictures and a song when her favorite dog and possibly the love of her life, Charlie, came on screen.  After her half hourish presentation.  Melissa and I stayed in our seat as we were instructed and waited for our turn to meet the PW.  In that hour and a halfish.  Jamie sent me multiple text messages and I sent her the video below of the PW singing to Charlie.  In one of her messages she asked me to buy a new cookbook to have signed and send, not to her, but to another friend.  Melissa and I both thought this was bit funny.  At that point I had already gone up and bought the Charlie Book to have signed for Jamie’s little girl, and now I was going back again for the actual cookbook at Jamie’s request and it wasn’t even for her.  To top it off, I didn’t actually have a book to be signed for myself.  Melissa had her copy of Love Story for signing but I just had three books for three different people.

Meeting the PW! (Via Melissa)

After our long wait and a small chat with the PW about how I was sure I did not know how to proper pronounce Jamie’s daughter’s name correctly, and a picture later.  We were out the door and I was planning my packaging.  The next day at work I wrapped up the books in butcher paper and twine with a little note to send off.  A few days later a happy thank you appeared.  I do love making other people happy.  Especially those who have been able to stand me for almost a quarter of a century.

Packaging for delivery