Fresh Paint- Part One

I have been wanting to update the paint colors in my apartment for a while now.  When I first moved in, they were this yucky, depressing, greenish grey.  My roommate at the time was also not a fan.  Both of the bedrooms were shades of orange that we both liked.  Mine is pumpkin like and her’s was more melony.  We decided on yellow in the living room and kitchen would brighten up the windowless rooms and connect our orange bedrooms at with end.  I’m not sure when the decision was made but the bathroom was going to be green.
My roommate at the time is from Miami originally and really likes bright colors.  I was trying to take a backseat and not be a pushy designer.  That led us to walls that made me feel like I was lost inside big birds feathers in the living room/kitchen and a bright honeydewish colored bathroom.  Needless to say I was never quite comfortable with the colors.  When she moved out a year later I did some repair, in my mind, to the living room/ kitchen situation by painting most of it bright white.  The bathroom laid untouched until last weekend.


If any of you follow me on Pintrest, then you know how in love I’ve been with dark colored walls.  We’re talking black or close to it.  It was time to actually do something about it and since I like the color of my room, I attacked the bathroom first.  It was easy to convince my current roommate once Melissa completed our neighbors bathroom in a navy.  He even wanted a darker color than the one I had originally suggested.

I am currently in love with my bathroom.  Sure it needs some work on the ceiling. But seriously, I love it.  I smile when I walk in and just stare at the walls.  The color is Black Spruce from the Olympic Premium line in a flat finish.  The flat finish seems to hid a lot of the funny issues the walls have that I couldn’t really fix with some putty.  Like how curved or uneven they actually are.  A bonus of the paint was that it is low VOC so the apartment didn’t smell.  At all.

Don’t you love it?

After: Isn't it beautiful?


4 thoughts on “Fresh Paint- Part One

  1. onboardthegravytrain

    Love it! It also makes your tile look whiter/better.

    Isn’t hard to photograph a teeny bathroom? I found after doing Kurt’s, that standing in the shower gets you the widest shot :)

    1. perishableitem Post author

      It is horribly hard! The image on the right of the after is from the shower. Still not too wide, maybe I should have done a panoramic like image.

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