Fresh Paint: Part Two

After tackling the bathroom, well really it was at the same time, but it was finished first,  I moved on to the living room/kitchen.

Before: The Kitchen and the Living Room

 As I mentioned before, I love dark colors right now.  Like maybe obsessed.  So I took myself down to the Lowe’s and picked up some samples colors.

I needed roommate approval and I knew it might not be that easy, this was before he saw the neighbors bathroom.  Even after he was sold on the dark bathroom, he was not too sold on so much dark in the living room and kitchen.  After some debate, and a great idea from a friend, we came to an agreement on the color (s).

I got to have one dark wall that you would see walking in to the apartment and the other yellow walls would be the next lightest shade on the color card. The dark wall has a window cut out of and the white wall behind it just makes it look that much better.  Everyone’s fear of the dark colors making the space seem smaller just is not the case.  I don’t necessarily think it changed the perception of the the size of the spaces, but it definitely changed the mood.  And no, it’s not dark and depressing.  I’d say it’s more calm, more… me.  I guess.  I love it. LOVE it.

After: The Kitchen and Entrance (I think the picture was my unconscious color inspiration.)

After: The Living Room

I feel like the colors in the pictures just look black and grey but they have a hint of purple in them.  I didn’t want just a plan black or grey, I wanted there to be some notice of color.  Both colors are Olympic Premium paint colors in a flat finish.  Again, with how screwed up the walls are in here, the flat finish, definitely helps hid how curved some of the walls are among other issues.  The darker color is Blackhearth and the lighter color is Cracked Slate.  Do you love it too?

My roommate doesn't like to paint, but he was willing to do all the taping. He wanted to make sure I didn't think he was slacking while I was at the gym.


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