New Cushions

About two years ago… actually probably three years ago, my friend K and I went to Old Can Factory in Brooklyn specifically because Hable Construction was going to be selling upholstery fabrics that weekend at the market.  I hadn’t heard of them before that, but I absolutely loved their fabrics. I had been talking about making cases for my couch cushions so I could take them off and wash them. Miss. Princess Chunk sheds quite a bit, makes quite the mess as she drools in her sleep.  The cream color of my couch doesn’t hide her dark hair well and they do not clean off very easy. This pop up sale seemed like the perfect opportunity to find something to make cases for the cushions.

Even though the fabrics were significantly discounted, they were still a bit much for my little budget. Lucky for me, they had “scrap bags” for $25.  I don’t actually remember how many yards of fabric I got, I think it was 2.5.  K sat there with me for ever going over the math and yardage to decide if the fabric would cover the front and tops of the cushions if I used a plain material for the backs.  We decided it would be enough and I bought the bag.

Then it sat in various places around my apartments until last month when I finally did something.  Maybe a year or so ago I brought home some trashed drawing (ie large sheets of paper) that I could use to make my patterns.  I drew and cut the patterns at the same time then put them in the bag with the scraps to wait.  Part of my hold up was that I didn’t have a surface be enough to cut on and I really didn’t want to do it in the floor.  If you think the amount of hair on the couch is bad, it’s got nothing on the floor, no matter how much I clean.  Which, if we’re be honest, I’m not so great at.  Anyway, my friend, Majo, lives across the street and she was will to let me come over and use her big table for cutting.  I finally cut the fabric.  About a month ago.

I was probably lucky that with a little turning and finessing, I was able to cut all the pieces with the pattern in the correct direction without having to sew two scraps together to get another piece.  Yeah!  I did not let them sit for another year after the big step and spent the following Sunday sewing away.  I finished the back cushions and half of one of the ottoms before my machine was being too much of a bitch for me to deal with.  I cursed it out, put it back in its case and banished it to the corner.  I don’t understand why it is doing what it is doing, but it basically refused to advance the fabric and would knot the thread on the bottom.  It had done this before, but not this bad.  I was going to borrow Majo’s machine, but decided it could have one more chance last weekend before it headed out to be serviced.  I put a thinner thread in the bobbin and it managed to work relatively well, only knotted a few times and I was able to complete my covers!

New couch cushions and Princess Chunk acting innocent.

All in all, if I had just sat down and done it, it might have taken me a weekend to finish them.  It’s amazing how long you can put something off.  At least they came out well.  They don’t match the bones of the couch as well as I first thought, but it’s fine.  Maybe I will have to buy another scrap pack at another sale and actually make a cover for the whole thing.  Give me about five years…

A close up of the pattern.


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  1. Melissa

    What a cute little model you have there! The cushions look great. Congratulations on being my sewing instructor from now on :)

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