Spring planting: Will They Survive?

My latest potential victims.

I am ready for summer.  I rarely say that, maybe it’s more I am ready for the end of spring/very start of summer in New York, because I will probably hate summer when it gets here.  Hot, humid weather is not my cup of tea.  Western South Dakota or Montana summers, I will take in a heart beat.  In any case, since we didn’t really have much of a winter here, it has felt like spring has been going on forever and I am ready for some warmth in the mornings and evenings.  I am also ready for the early spring produce like rhubarb.  In reality I probably have another month and a half before I will see it.

Never-the-less, I am trying to decide what plants I will attempt to keep alive in my little garden.  My hope is that my roommate will have a major green thumb that concurs my black one.  The only things I have been able to get to survive back here are the crocuses and daffodils that just planted one November.  They do the rest ever spring.  No watering required.  The hydrangea and day lily plants that were well established when I moved in also survive with no care.  Chances are if I tried to care for them, they would die.  So really we are looking for some low maintenance plants that I don’t have to touch much.

I wanted to get an idea of price and think about what I wanted to grow, so my neighbor, Kurt, and I ran down the farmer’s market on Saturday to see what they had.  Of course we went a bit late in the day, so most of the booths were down or in the process of tearing down, but we found a couple that still had some plants.  Mostly there was only flowers and herbs to pick from.  We both decided we would get some herbs.  I have a couple long box planters and four plants fit nicely in each one.  I did try the herb thing once before in these boxes.  It failed because the cat  I was fostering at the time destroyed them.  Stupid Cat.  So I like to think I will get these to survive and actually be able to use them in recipes.  I bought dill, oregano, rosemary and english thyme.  If these make it two weeks, I will go back for some chives, basil, cilantro, and parsley, I think, to fill the other box.

Dill, Thyme, Rosemary and Oregano

I biked them home and re-potted them right away.  Didn’t want to loose my enthusiasm.  My favorite part is the little tags I made with old tile samples I saved from the office garbage.  If I only had better hand writing, the would be perfect.  As for the plants, we shall see if they survive me, the raccoons, various birds, and whatever else mother nature has to throw at them.

Old tile sample turned plant marker.


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