Weekend Trip: Washington D.C. [The Fun]

Thanks for coming back to check out Part Two of my weekend trip with Melissa and Christian down to Washington D.C.  I already droned on about the logistics, so how about a bunch of pictures and little talk about the FUN?  We took off a half day of work and caught an afternoon bus so we could enjoy the Friday evening in DC.  We dropped our thing at the apartment and headed out to Avenue U in the Northwest sector for dinner and drinks.  Christian picked out a great Asian place called DC Noodles where I had delicious thai iced tea and yummy red curry.  After that we found our way to a bar who’s name we are unsure of, but it had a roof deck.  The bartender however was terrible.  I can’t imagine what I had done to offend him by standing at his bar and smiling, yes I do that sometimes, but he basically refused to look at me and passed me up several times.  We were about to give up and head to a different section of the bar with a different bartender when he finally served us.  Other than that is was nice to be outside in the evening enjoying a beer as Melissa and Christian tried to pick out boys for me. Apparently I am too picky, but who isn’t when all you have is looks to go on? After we finished our beers we decided we had enough of the crowded rooftop and didn’t want to spent forever getting back up to the bar to wait 30 minutes to not be served so we headed the bar Blackbird next door.  It was less crowded, had a good DJ and an attentive bar tender.  After a few drinks there, we decided we better head out to rest up for the long day ahead.

We spent all day Saturday mostly outside.  I have the sunburn to prove it.  We picked up our bikes and headed on a little tour through Capital Hill  where we found a breakfast of mini doughnuts at large flea and farmers market.  Melissa and I picked up some awesome fedoras for $5(!) while Christian found some rocking sunglasses.

After that we headed to the Library of Congress. We wanted to go into the actual reading room, but you have to get a library card and wait in lines to get in, so we just just checked it out from the viewing balcony.  After that we headed to The Mall for nice long walk.  We got about half way down, at the Sculpture Garden, when we realized our ambitions to get to the end of the mall and then finding lunch were a bit much.  We found a place to eat nearby though Scoutmob and decided to pick up bikes to take us down to the rest of the monuments after lunch.  The main part of the mall was under construction, including the reflecting pool, so the joy of meandering through it was lost anyway.  Besides, biking around the Washington Monument was more fun than walking.  We dropped our bikes by the Vietnam memorial and after some time there, walked down to the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument by way of the Korean War Memorial. While it was impressive, I was a bit disappointed in the design of the new monument.  Why doesn’t the stone that has MLK on it line up with the stone it was pulled from?  It looks awkward.  I also wasn’t a huge fan of the statue itself.  It was too harsh or square in odd places.  In any case I was glad I got to experience it and the excitement it seemed to generate in the crowd around it. We finished our walking thought FDR memorial.  It might be my favorite one.  I enjoy all the pockets of space divided by the monolithic granite blocks.  All the quotes are powerful words and the waterfalls are so calming.  I also like that it is set back and hidden in the trees from the walk around the water.  We made our way to a bike station and headed to the Lincoln memorial to finish out our tour of the Mall before bike over the the White House.  After al of our afternoon activities, we found a place nearby for some boozy shakes called Burger Tap & Shake.  After all the biking, walking and sun, a my lemony Talidaga Night hit the spot.

Refreshed and ready to move on, we headed over to Georgetown. It reminded me of a cross between Soho and Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side.  We dropped off our bikes just before the rain started and found refuge in West Elm until it died down a bit.  We used that time to decide on dinner and ended up at Bodega for Spanish tapas and cocktails.  We each ordered a dish to share, ending up with lamb chops, calimari and potatoes.  It was all tasty and I don’t normally like lamb.  By the time we finished dinner the rain had stopped and we headed to our final destination for the evening.

Christian cousin who lives in DC told him about this party, Cherry Blast, celebrating the end of the cherry blossom festival. Unfortunately, due to the screwy weather, the blossoms were early and we missed them.  Anyway, that didn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate and a warehouse party can be pretty fun.  The neighborhood was a bit sketchy, but mostly because it was so empty.  No one was out except the few of us headed to the party.  We were a bit worried we hit a dud when we walked in, but once we made our way to the second space, we found the stage and acrobat’s silk ropes.  The band that was playing when we walked in was absolutely horrible.  We went back into the art installation space to wait for them to finish and watch some sparkly dancers preform.  When the band ended and a DJ started, the acrobats came out.  They were so awesome.  They made something that you know takes a lot of muscle and control look absolutely graceful and elegant.  The precision they have and trust of those ropes astounds me.
After their performance we checked out some more of the art installations and finished the night dancing.  A funny note about the evening, Melissa and my fedoras were huge hits. Photographers kept taking our picture you can can see one here on On Tap.  I am not even exaggerating. I never get my picture taken that much at a New York party.  It was kinda funny.  It’s a good thing Melissa did not also wear the stripped shirt she packed or our twinsieness may have been too much or absolutely amazing, we’ll never know.

We woke up to a downpour Sunday morning and headed over to Station 4 for brunch before heading to the Holocaust Museum.  The museum is absolutely amazing and a must see while being horrible depressing at the same time,  I was still excited to go through it a second time.  It does make you feel like a real asshole to have blond hair and blue eyes.  To know that we as humans are capable of letting such things happen, to turn a blind eye, is extremely sobering when faced with the images, the shoes and the stories.  And that was the end of my time in DC.  The museum gives out timed tickets, so even though they are free, you should try to get them online.  We picked up tickets at 12:30 and were not permitted in to the main exhibit until 3.  It gave us enough time to check out the temporary exhibits and get more coffee before going in and we had just enough time inside before we needed to return to the apartment to pick up our stuff, I had a bus to catch at 6:30 back to a down pouring NYC.


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