A New Skirt for Spring

I have this habit of buying fabric I like without really know exactly what I am going to do with it.  Then it sits around for a year or so until I find that perfect pattern.  Then it has to wait until I go back to South Dakota or until I can convince a friend with a large space or table to let me layout and cut the fabric.  Then it will probably wait another few months for me to actually sew it together.  This is one of the rare instances where I actually knew what I was doing.  Crazy, right?

I found this simple “Barcelona Skirts” patterns by Amy Butler a few years ago.  It was maybe the only time I bought the pattern then the material.  I found some cute simple dot pattern fabric at a shop down the street and made the Layered skirt within weeks.  It was really easy for one of my first projects and I didn’t screw up the invisible zipper, that may have been the only one.  I like the raw edges of the layers, but every now and then I have to cut the long strings at the bottom.

The set came with three patterns that you do not have to choose which one you want, the patterns are interchangeable and you really have a pattern for three skirts.  Last summer I was thinking that I wanted another simple skirt, and decided I should just make the simple A-Line skirt in the set.  Of course it took me until Thanksgiving weekend when a trip to JoAnn’s on black Friday provided me with the opportunity to buy cheap fabric.  I found this lovely simple linen like fabric with big navy flower silhouette and was sold, it would be perfect for a skirt.

Again, super easy to make, even easier than the first one since there were no layers to put together.   I actually finished it for the spring.  Because I didn’t look at the pattern before hand, I bought extra fabric.  It’s not a lot but I think it would be enough to do a simple top or vest or maybe the liner of a blazer… but I am pretty sure that takes more work than I will ever get around to doing.

I have another sewing project that I need to get done as soon as possible because I wanted to wear it for my little sisters graduation.  Chances are, it won’t be done till the fall:)


3 thoughts on “A New Skirt for Spring

  1. stirandstitch

    i have that pattern hanging in my sewing room, reminding me that i still haven’t made any of the skirts! thanks for the reminder – your skirts are gorgeous :)

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