Red Hook Immersion

The Postcard

This weekend was the Total Red Hook Immersion organized by Brooklyn Based and Brooklyn Brew.  It was the perfect day for it, the sun was shining after a few weeks of not-to-spectacular and it was not disgusting humid.  My friends and I really enjoy Red Hook and bike down a lot during the summers for more than Ikea.  I like to entertain the idea of living down there, and since I bike more than take public transportation, it wouldn’t be that bad to get to and from.  Even though it’s maybe a 15-20 minute bike ride away, it feels pretty removed and has a definite sense of community.  Often times, it’s only to go out in the evenings and we haven’t spent much time durning the day window shopping and such.  We figured this was the perfect reason to go explore the neighborhood in more depth.

The Map

When we reached our first stop, one of our favorites, Rocky Sullivan’s, we found out that we actually got not just discounts at a bunch of locals bars, restaurants, and shops, but free half pints at four different locations with our post cards. All of a sudden, we had an afternoon bar hop, despite the need to be getting home for the Internet guy and the Pizza-off I was hosting.  Good thing my roommate was home for Time Warner and I assumed that everyone would be and hour to two hours late.

Rocky Sullivan’s

After our group was assembled and our half pints emptied at Rocky Sullivan’s we headed over to our stop, Brooklyn Ice House, to have another free beer and hopefully pick up a couple more post cards for those who were too late to get them at Rocky’s.

Brooklyn Ice House

We were able to hang out in the backyard and enjoy our drinks before heading to Red Hook Lobster Pound.

Red Hook Lobster Pound

I have never had a lobster roll before and I have to say, it was pretty damn good.  I will try that again for sure.

Lobster Roll

After our lunch we went over to Fort Definace for number three and enjoyed it outside in the sunshine, the bar was too packed for us to hang out inside.

Fort Defiance

Our last beer was at Botanica, which was right next to a chocolate factory that I really want to go back to and check out.  Botanica is a really cute place.  It was also over flowing with people so we hung outside.


We had to send one of our friends a picture message of us drinking in the street because the night before he received a ticket  for having an open container in public.    At night.  Opps.

Our last stop was Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies and let me tell you the Swingles are the shit.  So delicious.  I am normally not a fan of citrus and chocolate mixed together but those things are amazing.  Definitely heading back there more frequently this summer.

Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie

The Swingle in Section (and Staten Island in the background)

 After we finished our chocolate covered amazingness, we were on a mad dash to  get back to our bikes and home to get our pizzas done before the guest started arriving, and it was already 5:30.  Opps again.  Thomas was riding my commuter bike, The Goose, and it broke a spoke on the way down to Red Hook, but it was still ride-able, but it was a bad bike omen.  Fancy, my road bike I rode down, had a flat tire.  There are no bike shops near by or trains and you can’t take your bike on the bus.  So we called a car that didn’t show up 10 minutes after he said he would.  Ikea was only two blocks away, so we went over there to get a car, arrived home only an half hour after the Off was suppose to start and the first guests were arriving.  I’ll leave the Off details for the next post.