A Scrapbook in 12 hours

The beginning in Brooklyn

Some how I became the family scrapbooker.  I guess it makes sense, I do like putting things like that together.  After I did a scrapbook for my high school graduation, it became my job to do the next three graduation books as well.  I like doing it, I do, it’s fun to compose pages of photos and paper, tags and stickers.  I also did one for my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary a couple years ago.  So it was no surprise that I was going to be putting together Kristen’s for her graduation.  The thing is, since she is so young, most of her pictures are digital.  And there are way too many, some here, some  in lost locations due to transfers from one computer to the next.  All her pictures pre-2002 that might be photos from negatives are terrible, or have been used by the rest of us in other things.  So after I went a bit crazy at JoAnn’s Black Friday buying all things pink, sparkly, and scrapbooky, we were short the photos.

So at Christmas, I made her go through her photos and sort them out for me based on the activities, vacation or age so I could put them together for her.  When I got it all back to Brooklyn and looked at it I realized we were in trouble, more than I thought.  I told her to send me more photos of stuff, plus I needed everything from her senior year.  So I procrastinated starting, I’ve been busy?  I finally started two weekends before I was due to go home with what I had, maybe did three pages.

I hauled it all back home Wednesday.  Thursday, she sat down and put pictures on a jumpdrive.  Friday we printed them.  Maybe did 2 more pages and a bit more organizing.  Saturday night we marathon scrapbooked.  We’re talking a 53 page book complete in less than 12 hours.  Kristen had to also put together her book of newspaper articles she either wrote when she was part of the school staff or was the focus of for all the great accomplishments she has, you do everything in a small school, FFA, school plays, basketball, volleyball, the list goes on.  This was also finished that night.  Kristen was organizing photos and sorting through to decide how many pages were needed of each thing, I was directing the cutting and layouts.  Mom occasionally helped, but her lack of bifocals, made her cutting skills a bit shaky.

The final push at home.

I don’t recommend this method of scrapbooking, even though it came out pretty good.  Everyone seemed to like it, which is all that really mattered right?  Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of actual pages, note for next time.  The next book has already been commissioned.

The final product- all 53 pages.