Architecture for Humanity NY T-shirts!

Back in February for Valentine’s Day, Architecture for Humanity New York launched a design competition for a t-shirt logo.  The theme for the competition design was “Why I love Architecture for Humanity NY.”  By some miracle, and I promise the other directors did not know who did what designs, unless it was their own, only I did and I did not vote, my design made it through the first round.  The second round was voted on by our membership and anyone else who decided to come to our Valentine’s Day Happy Hour at FENWICK KEATS Real Estate, again no one knew the artists.  And some how I won again.  Crazy I tell you.

So now we have the t-shirts finally finished and people are actually purchasing them, it’s kind of exciting.  They tie nicely in to Headquarters’ “I love Architecture” program that recently launched.  And they are obviously about New York.  Clearly my inspiration was the “I love NY” design mixed with a bit of Empire State Building and dimension lines, you have yourself a T-shirt design!

So now you can actually buy one if you like it.  I mean let’s be honest, what’s not to like?  That’s what I thought.  I expect to see a ton of Architecture loving, t-shirt wearing, humanitarians running around New York now!