Sunday Dinner

Sometime the summer in New York can be nice and cooperative.  Not insanely hot or insanely humid, a nice summer day.  We’ve had a few of those here and there and I love having dinner in my garden with the little globe lights on.  I hadn’t been doing this too much lately because the weed whacker was broke and the random plants that make my yard green were up to my knees.  Plus the neighbor’s tree is a mulberry tree that hangs over our garden and when it is season, the berries get everywhere and I give up trying to keep the table and bench cleaned off.  On Saturday, I got up and cleaned everything up.  There is this one plant that is super easy to pull out and was the major problem. It looks like individual plants, but is all connected.  I did some major pruning to the hydrangea bush and the overhanging tree limbs.  After four or five garbage bags worth of stuff and several scrubbings of the table, the yard was habitable again.  It could use a minor whacking to get some of the taller grass down, but it’s fine.

The garden when we moved in three summers ago.

Last year, K and I had been in the habit of grilling Sunday dinner and eating out back.  We hadn’t really done that lately, partly because we had to watch Madmen on Sunday evening, partly because the garden was a mess and partly because I was being anti social on Sundays.  I like having a day to myself I’ve decided.  Anyway, last Sunday was lovely and since the garden was cleaned up, K came over for a simple grilling of hot dogs, summer squash, zucchini, corn on the cob and peaches.  I’ve seen a lot of grilled peaches stuff floating around on the internet and thought it might be a way for me to really enjoy them.  I normally stay away from them, I normally feel like they’re not sweet enough or I don’t like the texture of their skin.

Sunday Dinner Set Up

Grilling them was a brilliant idea.  It probably helped that the peaches I got at the farmers market were really ripe and tasty.  I quartered them and drizzled a bit of honey over them.  I let them sit on the grill on low heat while we ate dinner, maybe 10 minutes.  I hopped up occasionally to turn them.  We ate them with vanilla ice cream and drizzled more honey on top.  Absolutely delicious.  I will be testing more peach recipes in the near future for sure and I think you probably need to go get some peaches now.

Grilled peaches, vanilla ice cream, and honey.