Summer Music

I am typical not one to be on top of music. At all.  When I dated I guy that worked for a music blog/web radio thing, I was a bit ahead of the curve, but typically I depend on my friends to bring music to me.  One thing I love about New York is that you get to see bands before they are big in tiny little places and its awesome.  There are also so many free events that you hear new bands at, you get to know them before everyone else.  Then they get big and I go, hey I know them!  The past two weeks I got to see tow of current favorite bands and it was awesome, as you might have guessed.

First up was Milo Greene, a band my friend Dre and I saw open for The Civil Wars and loved them.  (We saw The Civil Wars open for Adele and fell in love with them there.)  Dre kept track of them and alerted me when their new album released and that they were coming back to New York to play at the Mercury Lounge.  You can bet we were there on what was suppose to be the night of the storm of the summer.  We didn’t even notice the storm and the band was awesome.  Somehow I didn’t take any pictures, but this is one of my favorite songs:  They are going to be back in New York at the Bowery Ballroom and there’s a good chance we will be seeing them again.  Melissa has accused us of being “groupies”… I think I’m okay with that.

Next up was The Lumineers opening in for The Old Crow Medicine Show in Central Park.  SummerStage is definitely one of my favorite things to do in this city.  Last summer I saw Florence and the Machine.  It was amazing, but back to The Lumineers.  AWESOME show.  I mean the Old Crows were good too, but I was so excited to see The Lumineers.  You must check them out- you probably know this song already:  If you don’t know it, you should.

The Lumineers!

Beautiful Sunset during SummerStage

The Old Crow Medicine Show brought the Milk Carton Kids and the Lumineers back on for a few songs during the encore

You should definitely check out both of these bands if they are coming anywhere near you! Promise it will be a great time.