New Satchel

If you follow me on Pinterest, then you may have noticed my slight obsession with satchels lately.  The big girl bag that my parents gave me for graduation has seen much better days and one of the straps finally broke.  I wanted to get something that would last, look professional forever, and not be too uber expensive.  But I knew what I wanted was not going to be too cheep, hence the need to be absolutely in love with it and meet the first two requirements.  This search has been ongoing for months.

While killing some time last Friday it finally came to an end. Yeah!  I saw some bags hanging in shop I was passing by, I stopped in to check it out.  Given that it was the West Village, I didn’t have much hope that anything would be in my price range, but I was surprised that it was not nearly as bad as I thought.  I didn’t like the bags that caught my eye but I continued to wondered around the tiny shop because it was pouring outside and I didn’t feel like going back out.  There was a box with a some bags and other stuff sitting on top behind the little counter.  I asked the woman, who turned out to be the owner, if it was hers or possibly for sale.  I could already tell it was probably the exact kind of bag I wanted, I now know what love at first sight means. (Okay- fine.  It happens with shoes all the time, they just don’t cost as much.)  Turned out it was not only for sale, but it was discounted and her design.  Thank you for the discount, because otherwise, it would not have gone home with me and I would have been oh so sad.

Oh I love it!

I mean what is there not to love about it?!?!?! Distressed Italian leather with a black deer skin stripe? I don’t have to choose between brown or black anymore.  Plus it doesn’t ave that annoying shiny new look.  I much prefer the worn in look of leather bags.  That does not hold true for other leather items.

Love the Buckles

Really love the single ring on the side with the buckle to adjust the strap length.  It give it the feminine touch, so many bags that I look at, I liked and were unisex, but still had a more masculine feel.

Perfect size and compartments.

The only thing is that I might not be the biggest fan of the interior fabric, but who cares?  It’s inside, I can totally deal with it since it has such and awesome exterior.  It’s the perfect size for the binder, folders, and drawings that I take to meetings and it has a interior zipper pocket, a key ring, and two open pockets on the inside.  The last lovely detail for a person as clumsy as me, is the magnetic clasp.  Not fumbling with buttons or buckles or snaps is always a plus for me.

I am so excited to have found it, if you can’t tell.  One major search has come to and end.  Now on to a duel blender/food processor….