Trip to Nyack

Heading over the Brooklyn Bridge

Last weekend I convinced Kurt that we needed to stop being weenies and get our butts on our bikes and up to Nyack.  We’ve only been talking about doing it since May.  We made a real effort in June before the Ride to Montauk, but two blocks from the apartment I blew a tire.  I had just replaced it.  Since that back tire had been blowing out rather frequently, I decided it needed to take a trip to the bike shop and probably get a new tire, not just a new tube.  At 6AM on a Saturday, the bike shops are not really open, so that killed the ride and we went back to our beds.  This time around I have been itching to go because I wanted to get a 70 plus mile ride in before the New York City Century happening on September 9th, and last weekend was really the only day it was going to happen if at all.  I know the NYC Century is not going to be as fast passed as the Ride to Montauk, but I still felt like I needed to get a long ride in beforehand.

Nyack is a town in upstate New York.  It’s a 72 mile ride from my apartment and back, over the George Washington Bridge (GW), into New Jersey and back into New York.  It’s also known as Route 9 and is a common bike ride for many New York City bikers looking to log miles because once you get across the GW, you ride on the highway median and rarely have to stop.  After the GW It’s a gorgeous ride along the Hudson River for about half the ride and the other half you’re in the trees and don’t really notice the towns or developments beyond them.  It also has some serious hills to climb which means awesome down hills.  At one time or another, we have clocked ourselves going well over 30 miles an hour.  Even though it’s a lot of work coming back up the hills, it’s still a lot of fun racing down.  And of course there is always a reward for all this hard work.  In Nyack there is a place called The Runcible Spoon where all the bikers go for breakfast/brunch before turning back around.  The front of the place is all bike parking.  No one ever carries a lock with them, we just all park right there in front.

The Runcible Spoon

So yummy!

Bike Parking

The town of Piermont, about a 50 mile ride round trip, also has a couple of coffee shops right on the bike route.  The one I’ve stopped at is called Bunbury’s Coffee, which was good, but the Runcible Spoon is just awesome and worth the extra 20 miles.  I love their oatmeal and fresh fruit no matter how hot it is when we do morning rides.  We left by 6:30AM and arrived in Nyack by 9AM.  It is perfect timing for some oatmeal to power up for the ride home.  We typically get back home by noon which is nice cause I don’t feel like I’ve lost part of my weekend, just some of the sleep I guess.

Pit stop for water at Sid’s

View from the GW- Bit hazier than usual

Kurt rocking the GW

Every time we do the ride, we talk about how much we enjoy it.  If the weather stays as nice as it has been, maybe we will get ourselves up there a few more times before it gets too cold.

Riding through Central Park on the return