Traveling Dinner

On my brother’s last day in New York, I had a meeting at the Center for Architecture in the village and while trying to figure out where to go to dinner after, I decided we should do a tour of my favorite places from when I used to work down in Noho. If it hadn’t been raining, I would have switched stops one and two around, but I didn’t feel like back tracking so much in that weather.

Our first stop was Mamoun’s Falafel.   I told them both to order a falafel sandwich and not ask any questions.  I knew they would have a fit if they found out it didn’t have meat on it and wouldn’t want to try it.  In the end, it was not Tyler’s favorite, but Michael was okay with it and maybe even liked it.  I should have told them to get hot sauce for it.  I love this place, and I love it even more when its only $2.50.  I wanted to get baklava, but dessert was waiting down the line.

Murray’s Cheese Bar was our second stop for the night.  I will admit that I have never been here before, but have always wanted to go.  It would be the perfect appetizer starting point in the future.  We ordered a five meat and cheese flight.  Typically you tell them what it is you like and they will create a board for you.  If you really want to try a particular cheese, they will most likely put it on the board for you, but you do not get to pick all the cheeses or meats.  Michael had a cheese he really wanted to try, we said no blue cheeses, and were indifferent about the meats.  The cheese monger prepared our board and brought it over and explained each cheese, the condiment they paired it with and the meats.  We ended up with a boars salami, a procuttio, the cheese Michael requested and two others.  The condiments, I don’t exactly recall anymore, but they were so delicious with the cheeses, everything was delicious.  We were so focused on them, that we didn’t even notice the bag of bread they brought along until we had scrapped up every single scrap of cheese, meat and dip.

Murray’s Cheese Bar

For dessert we headed to Sweet Revenge.  Sweet Revenge is one of my favorite, maybe even my favorite, cupcake place in the city.  I have had many cupcakes from this place, but have always bought my cupcakes to go or someone has kindly delivered them to me.  This time we stayed and we had a drink to go with them.  I had the Pure, a vanilla cupcake, and paired it with the suggested red wine.  My brother, king of stout beers, had the Dirty cupcake but paired it with some other beer.  Tyler decided not to have a drink, because he didn’t like the pairing suggestions for the Fleur de Sel cupcake.  All the cupcakes were delicious.  I was slowly eating mine tiny bite by tiny bite when I looked over to see Tyler had inhaled his cupcake after we all tried each others.  Then he decided he would have another since he wasn’t drinking.  When he said to the waitress, “l have another.”  She looked to see what he was drinking then realized it was the cupcake he was referring to.  She was so impressed and shocked that he ate it so fast, she gave him the second one for free.  He ate this one a bit slower as he continued to flirt with her until we left for our final stop.

My cupcake and wine

Last but not least was the Blind Tiger bar, place that I have randomly gone to throughout my time in New York.   It’s a fun semi-dive bar with a huge beer menu.  It took the boys some time to decide what they were drinking.  I was done for the night, one of us had to get us home and work in the morning.  The next morning as I was sending them off for the airport in a flurry because I messed up the time we needed to get up, they ended up wearing the same shirt that they bought here in different colors.  I’ll spare them the embarrassment of showing you the picture, but I think it’s a sign that they had a good time the night before.