Rooftop Movies

This summer in July, the same night as the Milo Greene show, one of the best movies of the 90’s was suppose to be playing at Brooklyn Bridge Park.  After the show, Drea and I were going to go meet our friends for an awesome movies night.  Instead, the storm of the century was supposedly blowing through and the movie was cancelled.  The weather killed Clueless.  And we were very sad.  So sad that we decided we would have our own Clueless night as soon as we could figure it out.  Christine offered up her roof top with its awesome city skyline views and easy access.  The date was set for September 14th and the perfect fall weather held out for a double feature of Clueless and Empire Records.

It’s not this blurry in person


I went on a failed hunt around Target for Candy Corn Oreos, and ended up buying bags of candy corn and pumpkins, mini chocolate bars and Oreos with orange colored filling for Halloween.  Another friend, Stephanie, did her research on the candy of the 90’s and brought one of my favorites, Airheads, gushers, and bubble tape.  Christine made delicious caramel corn and good old buttered popcorn while our friend Hillary made peanut butter and chocolate popcorn and indoor s’mores.  There was pizza, chips and dips, and prosecco and wine.  In other words we gorged ourselves on junk food while watching two classic movies on a perfect September night on someones rooftop in Brooklyn.  I think we are going to try an do it again and I think you might want to try it yourself sometime.

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