DUMBO Arts Festival

September 28 to the 30th was the DUMBO Arts Festival which coincided with my uncle being in town.  DUMBO, especially the waterfront area, is my favorite place in the city and I always try to take people there when the come visit.  I made him ride a bike on the mean streets of Brooklyn down to Pier 6 where Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) begins and along the water front into DUMBO.  We walked along the Tobacco and Empire Warehouses on Water Street looking at the installations and exhibits that were up for the weekend.  We also stopped in Jacques Torres for yummy hot chocolate since it was a bit chilly that day. Go for the Wicked, it’s the perfect spicy.

Around the neighborhood

My uncle, unsurprisingly, was not overly impressed with the art.  I love the art festival and always try to get down to it each year.  Artist open their studios and some give demonstrations,  galleries are open, art is set up all over the streets and parks, and people are doing performances too.  It is a really great festival.  The first year I went with a friend and it was drizzling rain all day and not a lot of people were out.  Each year it gets bigger and bigger since BBP opened and people figure out how easy it actually is to access DUMBO.  It makes me a bit sad that it’s not such a secret anymore and crazy to think that at one point in time I knew how to easily get to an area in New York that others found confusing.  Anyway back to the art, my favorite piece was Entasis Dance, in the original BBP below the Manhattan Bridge where people were moving on the white sculptures that were set up with dance and yoga like moves.  It was really beautiful.

Entasis Dance

Below are pictures of some of the other we saw in a short period, we didn’t go into any galleries or studios this year.  Next year if you around, you should definitely check it out.

Chuck in front of Hindsight is Always 20/20