Cloud City at the Met

View of the City from the Met Rooftop

One thing I had yet to do this summer was check out the Met Rooftop exhibit, “Cloud City” by Tomás Saraceno.  While my uncle was here, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out while exploring Central Park.  My poor uncle was probably getting more art than he bargained for on a long weekend, but I can’t help it if people want to install art in my favorite places.  The Met rooftop has great views of Central Park, which apparently has more trees than my uncle thought, and the city itself.  It is a great place to take people visiting or just go up and enjoy a drink for a Friday happy hour while checking out the latest sculpture.

Cloud City was pretty interesting and I would have loved to actually walk around inside of it, but as usual, we were too late to get tickets for the day to go inside.  Still I enjoyed walking around the exhibit and realizing spaces you thought were mirrors reflecting were spaces full of strings and vice versa.  Seeing the city and sky reflected from different angles made you look around to see what it was actually reflecting.  I really enjoyed it, but I think the2010 installation of  “Big Bambú: You Can’t, You Don’t, and You Won’t Stop” is still my favorite rooftop piece, even though we never got tickets to explore the inside of it either.  The exhibit is up until November 4th, so if you get the chance, definitely go check it out.