Hiking in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation [Day Trip]

This fall has been absolutely gorgeous, with the exception of Hurricane Sandy.  We have a had perfect weather for hiking and biking and the fall colors have been the best I’ve seen in a while.  In early October I went up to visit my friend Peter who lives in Greenwich, Connecticut and we went out hiking at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.  He had not been there yet and it was a perfect day for hiking.

We started our hike at Michigan Road where there was a trail head for several routes and loops.  We started out on one loop and ended up going all over since it was so nice out. The only bummer was that there was never really a point were we got high enough to see out over everything.  We made our way to the Indian Rock Shelter, Dancing Rock and Magic Stairs.

After hiking for few hours and maybe eight or more miles we called it a day and headed in to New Canaan for lunch.  Peter works with kids in the local schools in the area and one of the schools in New Canaan was having their homecoming.  We caught the tail end of the boys soccer game and second half of the football game, they won both.  It was fun to watch them play but they are soooooo tiny!  I was worried they would snap in two with every tackle.

After all of that I was whipped out.  It was an awesome day and I am hoping that we will be able to get out maybe one more time this year before it’s too cold.  The hurricane may have taken down most of the leaves, but it still awesome to get out of the city.