Surviving Hurricane Sandy

I probably shouldn’t say surviving because we really lucked out here in Brooklyn, especially where I am in South Slope on the highest hill in Brooklyn.  My cousin, Rachael, flew in from Austin on Sunday morning for a workshop.  She was suppose to stay in the fashion district and I was going to go meet her in the city and take her around, but when she landed, her class was canceled and Sandy was definitely not diverting, chances were good they were going to shut down the subways system that evening, so I told her to come straight to Brooklyn and if everything went the way they were saying, she could just stay with me.  They did shut down the subway and lower Manhattan, including the area she would have been in, lost power.  She was suppose to leave Tuesday and has had her flight cancelled twice, hopefully she gets to go home this evening and I have yet to go to work this week since the power is still out.

Despite all the terrible destruction that has happened, I have been trying to make sure to show Rachael a good time and my Louisianan friends like to celebrate a hurricane in style.  When she arrived, we dropped her stuff, and were back out the door on bikes.  We headed down to Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO to my favorite spot where we enjoyed some Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate.  After that we biked over the Brooklyn Bridge and around lower Manhattan.  We stopped at the Freedom Tower, the Wall Street Bull and biked around Wall Street before heading back to Brooklyn to do some window shopping on 7th Avenue.  That evening Melissa was hosting another traveling dinner Halloween style  so we went back to 731 to get in to costume and brave the wind for some delicious food and good time with friends.


Monday we spent hunkered down in the apartment, making gumbo, watching movies, and getting some work done.  That evening, we went out on a walk around the neighborhood, found the water from the Gowanus had raised up, saw some walk signs down, a fire being put out and a tree on a Lexus.  The next afternoon we went out to check out the damage around us.  It really wasn’t anything too bad compared to what we were seeing on the TV, some trees down here and there, but otherwise, we were really lucky.  Yesterday Rachael and I biked in to the city.  Since she was going to be here another full day, I wanted her to see some more of the city if possible.  The power was still mostly down below 30th Street and all of lower Manhattan was crazy quite and empty.  Riding down the streets with no traffic lights was surreal.  Once we hit power, we hit congested traffic and tons of people.  We went into Grand Central Station, biked up to Central Park, but it was closed, and had lunch at the Plaza Food Hall.  After that we went over to the Lincoln Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, New York Public Library and Time Square.  After that we headed back downtown where the power was still out.  Riding down Fifth Avenue with no traffic was really nice, but bizarre.  It’s so hard to believe that so much of the city is still with out power.



We’ll see what happens for the rest of the week, hopefully people get back into their homes soon and those that lost their homes have found safe places to sort out everything.   Thank you to everyone who was checking in on us over the past few days! We made it through fine, mostly just been eating and hangning out.  Please send your well wishes to those who didn’t!  This is New York, so I’m sure it will be up and running better than ever in no time!



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