Gowanus Open Studio

One of the great things about New York is all the art around you.  There are so many museums, so many festivals, exhibits and public art for you to enjoy.  Close to home is the Gowanus Open Studios weekend every fall.  The local artist and studios open their doors to the public.  Some are peoples apartments and others are artist work spaces like the Brooklyn Artist Collective where several artist rent studio space and there are galleries.  Most places also have snacks and wine for all the people passing through, which is always a plus in my book.  I hadn’t been to the Gowanus Open Studios for a couple years, so I figured it was time to check it out again.  I got a few friends on board, checked out the artists, and mapped our route to end at Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

Our Intended Stops

The weather was perfect and we started in northern Gowanus at Robert Anrow’s studio.  He had some really great paintings and a sweet apartment.  After some delicious whiskey and cider drinks, we headed to check out Beth Bolgla’s work.  I had seen ceramics before in a local Brooklyn shop and really love her mugs and bowls.  She had some mugs without handles that were the perfect size at the studio.  She said the size was new, I probably should have bought a couple then, I guess I will have to back.  Next we headed further south to see Janice Everett‘s and Felicity Faulkner‘s work.  We also checked out some of the other artists in the building and across the street.  Around the corner was Ernest Porcelli‘s glass studio.  I love glass work, we did a tiny bit in school and it amazing me how people can manipulate it so well.

Awesome Stairs to a Studio Space

Enter through the Garage

Garage Studio

Work Space

Ernest Porcelli Glass Studio

After all of that we headed to the Brooklyn Art Space where there are too many artist’s to count.  We went through all the studios in the space and all the galleries that were open.  By far my favorite of the day was Nancy Steinson‘s sculptures.  They were beautiful steel and bronze piece that appealed to my architecture side.  They reminded me of Richard Serra, another of my favorites.  Other favorite artist at Brooklyn Art Space were Martha Walker, Janet Pedersen,  and Veronique Gambier.

Brooklyn Art Space

I would love to have a workshop like this

Checking out the work in the Brooklyn Art Space


I know I am missing a few others I really liked, but I must be honest, too much art overwhelms me.  Seriously.  I can’t wander the Met, I have to have a destination exhibit at the Met or I try too take in to much and get a sensory overload that shuts me down.  After Brooklyn Art Space, we ran over the the Gowanus Print Lab because I would love to take a class there or do some screen printing, but had never been over there yet.  It’s awesome. Seriously. Lastly we swung by Lotta Jonsdotter‘s studio, which is actually a store front now.  I love her fabrics and prints.  I might have to go back and get some one of these days to occupy the cold winter.  To close out the day and somewhat revive me from my overload cloud of mush, we went to Four and Twenty Blackbirds, a pie shop owned by two sisters from South Dakota.  My god do they know how to make pie.  We have picked up pies before for occasions but we have never actually sat down in the shop and had a piece of pie.  That meant I got to try four different kinds of pie.  I ordered the Black Bottom Oatmeal.  Amazing.  I mean really they are all so good. But I really want more of that Black Bottom Oatmeal. And maybe another weekend of  Gowanus Open Studio so I can finish my ambitious map!