Ampersand Love

Have I ever mentioned my love of the ampersand?  Because I do love the ampersand. There are so many versions. Recently I decided it was time to include the ampersand in my decor.  I have been wanting to paint something, who knows why, for awhile now and figured this could be the way.  I have also been in love with neon lately, again, who would have known? So I decide I would combine and old and new love and try my hand at creating some art.

The result was pretty close to what I had in my mind.  I knew it would be on the dark grey wall in the kitchen, replacing the photo that was apparently my wall color inspiration.  The photo didn’t stand out anymore, so it’s time to find a new place for it.  A bright color on a white canvas would be perfect.  I had been wanting to use a true neon pink, but once I started looking at colors, I went with a more fuchsia color.   I went through several ampersands. In my mind I was going to use something more curvy and curly, but in the end, I ended up using a much simpler one in Palatino.   I stretched and smooshed it a bit in InDesign before I was happy with it. I also printed a couple sizes to choose between for the actual painting.

My supplies


It was super easy to do, I printed it and cut it out.  Traced it on and painted.  I messed up and thought I had bought acrylic paint, but actually bought oil, so it took forever to dry and I wasn’t able to fix my mistakes, but in the end I don’t mind them and I think it fits perfectly. I know you can’t really see it in the pictures, but I did paint on the bottom and side edges where the ampersand it cut off. On the side it finishes and on the bottom is is still cut off.  What do you think?

Love it.


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