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I don’t know if any of you follow Jenna at Eat, Live, Run, but you should. She has amazing recipes and a great blog.  She recently started doing posts from time to time called Virtual Coffee Date and I love them. They remind me of  the many times back in collage when my friends and I would meet up at Border’s (we could flip through new magazines at the same time) or Rockford or The Daily or one of the many other coffee shops in Bozeman for coffee on break from model building or researching to just hang out and talk about whatever.  There are some conversations that I can remember exactly what we were talking about, what seats we were in (although we did have “our spots”) because ti was something that had a huge impact on what were doing, going, working on and then there are all the times I could remember a thing about, but I remember those time are some of my favorite times living in Bozeman. I don’t really do that with any of my friends here.

Not that they are not into a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but I think we are all so busy during the week and we normally see each other and hang out during the week that the weekend is me time during the days. I started this blog as a way to keep up with friends, especially those I don’t live near anymore or see regularly when I go home. Those people I would have coffee dates with back in the day.  There are many things that I just don’t get around to posting about, small things, silly things and I would like to share them from time to time, so I’ve decided to start my own virtual coffee dates. I hope you enjoy them, I hope there not horribly boring or rambling as I tend to be and I promise to try to include pictures all the time. So without further adieu, my first coffee date:

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I went to my first tweetup this week at the American Museum of Natural History with Melissa for their “Our Global Kitchen” exhibit. They had chocolate tasting and pairings with beer and wine.  Inside the exhibit they demonstrated how to make chocolate cigarettes and mole sauce. Not such a fan of the mole, but the chocolate cigarettes were really good and the chef preparing them was so nice and super knowledgeable. You can read Melissa’s recount here. I think we are going to try and go back and spend more time looking at the exhibit. We were a bit rushed.


If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I finally made it to see a performance of the New York City Ballet. I am going to do a full post on this in the near future, but I wanted to share.  It was beautiful and even the parts that were a bit boring were still impressive.  Melissa and I kept talking about where they shot scenes from Center Stage

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that this might be my favorite outfit ever. Ever.

With my favorite 5" heels and my favorite flats

With my favorite 5″ heels and my favorite flats

Light pink blazer, off white collar tee with lace, tweed shorts, purple ombre tights and my 5″ oxford platform heels. As much as I love them, you can only wear them standing so long, so my favorite flat oxfords come in handy.  Thanks to Melissa for taking these pictures on her fancy camera!

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you we went to Chinatown in Flushing, Queens for a friends birthday dinner.  He and his girlfriend spent a year working in China and love the food so much. As you may suspect, it is nothing like our Americanized version and is so good. I was in China for only two weeks almost seven (!) years ago.  I start to blend the food with Korea’s.  I forgot how flavorful it is and needless to say, we all practically needed to be wheeled out of the restaurant. We then headed to Long Island City for drinks at Dutch Kills.  From the outside, you would never guess what was inside. They had some delicious cocktails and cut the ice from huge blocks. We decided we need to have a girls happy hour sometime there. The boys didn’t seem to appreciate it as much.

From Flushing to Long Island City

From Flushing to Long Island City

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I’ve made it to bootcamp/interval training twice this week and last week for the first time since I started last fall and I think I’m starting to have fun. Especially when she uses my favorite play list. I’m not entirely sure if this is a good thing or if I should be scared.

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you on Friday I went to the Architecture League’s First Friday at LERA. Laura, an Architecture for Humanity NY director, was also there and we were basically dressed like twins.  The only thing missing, and I debated wearing mine, was that I didn’t have a black blazer on, otherwise head to toe the same. Multiple pictures were taken, this one was by Melissa:



If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that Architecture for Humanity NY’s assessments of hurricane Sandy’s damage are wrapping up and we are working on our long term response to the storm.  It’s a bit difficult to wrap your head around how your little group can impact and help the largest number of people possible and still work with in the capacity of the chapter and it’s volunteers. And sometimes it’s feels pretty overwhelming. HQ has launched a search for a regional manager and two fellows, one in New York and one in New Jersey, to coordinate their efforts.

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that Melissa and I bought tickets to fly down to Austin for the first weekend in March.  The winters in New York have been terrible, cold, grey, snowless. I love winter. A lot. When there is snow to play in and sunshine with the 30 degree weather.  We decided we need sunshine and I don’t want to wait until October to check out the city when I will be there for Austin City Limits.

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I am cc-hosting a super bowl party tonight with my neighbors. Since none of us particularly care about the teams playing this year, we are having our next off. A Super Bowl Dip-Off.  May the best dips win.


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