A Brooklyn Favorite: Park Slope Methodist Church Annual Book Sale

Once a year the Park Slope Methodist Church has a fundraiser in the form of a book sale. And I love it. Stacks upon Stacks of books all for less than $3 a book. Seriously. Regular size paperbacks are $2, pocket paperbacks are $1 and I think hard backs are $3 and big coffee table like books are $5. The books are donations from whoever wants to donate them. I have a whole stack that I would have dropped off, but I didn’t realize that it was coming up. But I did walk out with 10 books, and I might go back tomorrow…

book saleIt takes some time to go through the tables and look at all the titles, but if you have the patience you can pick up some great books and some of those guilty pleasure books you rarely ever buy. I love digging through for some great titles, randomly picking up books I haven’t read by authors I’ve enjoyed before, books that might be terrible, but it doesn’t really matter because you didn’t spend too much money on them. Then you can drop them off next year for someone else to pick up.