Weekend Trip: Austin [Neon]

The first weekend of March I escaped the bitter cold of New York for a sunny Austin. Melissa was suppose to join me, but she got pneumonia the week before and was given doctors orders not to fly. This was very sad, but since we were going to be staying with my cousin I headed down solo and still had a blast.  I’m breaking up the trip into a few different categories to make sure I don’t drone on too much (like I am now) and because for two full days and 3 nights, we did a lot.

First up, is one of my favorite things about Austin, the signs. They have neon signs everywhere and I love them. They are not cheesy or horrible reminiscence of Vegas or something, they are awesome.  There were so many, I wish I could have taken pictures of them all. Even so, I got a bunch and so I give you all the pictures, some blurry, (before critizing you try to take pictures at night riding by on a bike), and  awesome signs of Austin.

Austin Signs

I know the last one isn’t a sign, but it’s pretty bad ass!


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