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Nets vs Wizzards (2)I finally made it to the famous and controversial Barclays Center for a Brooklyn Nets game a couple Friday’s ago with my friends Christine and Peter. It was a fun game and we had a bonus in store for us. We won the game easily, I don’t think Washington had a point on the board until after we had 16, and Deron Williams broke a record for most 3 pointers in a half.  He was one shy of tying for most in a game.  At the end of the game, the Wizards kept fouling Reggie Evans, who is a great rebounder and terrible shot from the foul line. Apparently he rarely makes foul shots. Everyone was cheering and screaming for him to make them. When he finally got two in a row in the basket after two or three trips to the line, he got a standing ovation.  After the game, Williams was being interviewed and they asked him if he thought people were cheering louder when he shot his 11th three pointer, (12 is the record), or when Evans made his free throws. Evans definitely won. It was a really fun game and people were having fun, so even if you don’t care for basketball, you will probably have more fun than you would at a Yankees game.

Nets vs Wizzards (12)

Announcing the players

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Tip off

Tip off

As for the Barclays Center itself, I don’t think it’s that terrible. I like it for the most part. I failed to get pictures of the internal areas that are not in the arena, but like most sport complexes, food shops lined the inner circle around the edge and on the ground level stores were on the outer edge. Up above you could see out the windows on the outer edge and food stands were set up that didn’t require kitchens, like popcorn.  All the food is Brooklyn based shops and restaurants which is pretty cool and up charged about the same as any other venue.The seating was much steeper than I expected it to be, but it seemed that no matter where you were you could see just fine. The jumbotron thing in the middle is massive, but unlike other arenas where I’ve been sitting in the nose bleeds (that never changes), I wasn’t watching the screens, I was watching the game on the floor.  It seems like they are still maybe working on some line issues or need to have so sort of signage, because we got into the line for will call ticket first, before someone yelling directed us to another line further over and it just seemed a bit unorganized when you came in until you passed through the ticket scan area. Otherwise it was easy finding our section and seats.

Nets vs Wizzards (17)Overall, it was really fun and I would like to go back for something else, see how it does as a concert venue or something. I would even go back for a Nets game.  And now I can say that I’ve been to a pro basketball game. Just need to check off football…

Just in case you forgot

Just in case you forgot


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