Five Random Things

My crocus flowers in the back garden

My crocus flowers in the back garden

Melissa tagged me in this post oh so long ago that she wrote after being tagged in a similar one. The idea is to write about five things people may not know about you.  After cursing her and then thinking about it for a while, I’ve decided to participate. Maybe it’s the warmer weather we are getting this weekend. Since I’m not the most social person in the blog community, I’m not going to tag anyone, Melissa tagged them all anyway:)

I used to walk in cow crap barefoot. I grew up on a dairy and in South Dakota, the summers can get pretty hot. I hate shoes to begin with, but I hated wearing those black rubber boots in the summer, they were so hot. Some people wore tennis shoes, but those just got gross and crap soaked through and that felt even more gross to me, so I went barefoot everywhere. Skin washes easily. I also tried to avoid stepping in the truly wet and nasty stuff. I also ended up with a few nails in my feet because of this, but that was outside of the barns. 

I love shooting things and I am terrified of guns. I grew up around guns and hunting. I learned how to shoot when I was 11 and went through hunters safety course. I started hunting as the shooter and not the person rustling up the deer when I was 12. After a couple years and a dislike for venison, I left the hunting to my dad and started trap shooting. I started winning trophies for that when I was 13 or 14 and shot on a weekly league too. Now I have my own Remington, left handed, semi-automatic, 12 gauge trap shotgun. When I was younger, it was practically longer than I was tall and I love shooting targets. In case you were wondering, I do NOT have it in Brooklyn, it lives at home. All that said, I am still terrified of guns. I’m afraid I’m gonna shoot my own foot off if I’m not careful. My dad made sure we understood how powerful these weapons were and that they were not toys. Pointing a gun at a person was not allowed. We got in trouble for pretending to shoot each other with our fingers, needless to say, cowboys and indians was not allowed. We grew up with a great respect for them and terror that I don’t even trust myself with them. Maybe my siblings fared differently, maybe less afraid of themselves screwing up, but still have much respect for the guns and enjoy shooting.

I can’t draw. I know as an architect I’m suppose to possess the skill of drawing, but I would not be in this field if it were not for the digital age. I only took art when required, which ended in 8th grade. I was terrible. Most of my high school friends couldn’t believe  I was going to architecture school, I never really showed much interest in art.  In college, we had plenty of drawing classes and I survived, but I’ve never been very good at it. I find it really frustrating since I know what something should look like, even how I should draw it, but there is a big disconnect between my brain and hand that just doesn’t work. I thank autoCAD and 3D modeling programs like Rhino for my design abilities.

I’ve never been to Europe. I’ve been to Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, India, Nepal, South Korea, and New Zealand but not Europe. The majority of these I knocked out during college, the rest I went to because someone else was there or going there. It’s not like I don’t want to go to many places in Europe, it just seems much easier to do, and if someone is in a more exotic/difficult place, why not go there when it is slightly more convenient? I actually have family in Belgium and my parents keep talking about a big family trip over, it will happen some day.

I saw my little sister being born. I was almost ten when my baby sister was born. My parents for some reason or another asked me or told me I could be there when this baby was born. I’ve see my fair share of animal births, so it wasn’t really too shocking to me in the sense of what happens, but I’m pretty sure it’s the greatest birth control/ keep-your-kids-from-having-sex control you could ever find. Mom was having contractions for like five days before and when we finally went to the hospital, it still took almost 12 more hours (I think, it all kind of blurs together). They told us there had be no births for like a day or two or something and mom started a flood of births, she was the first one in and the last one to actually deliver, three or four babies were born before Kristen.  Mom and I walked laps around the hospital over and over again to speed things up, finally they broke her water. When the actual delivery started, I stood on one side of mom and dad on the other holding her hand, but I had to stop since she was crushing my hand too much from the contractions and pushing. Insurance didn’t cover epidurals, so this was all natural and looked horribly painful. Like I said, birth control. After she was born and they had cleaned her and wrapped her up, I got to hold her first and carry her over to mom. From then on she was basically my live doll until she wasn’t so easy to carry around.