The Invisible Dog Art Center [Handmade Frames & The Exploded Mind of Mulholland Hwang]

Invisible Dog (6)Melissa and I have been getting pretty good at the art of brunch, partnering it with an activity or before or after, most recently running. Earlier this month we headed to Van Horn on Smith Street for a tasty bite and then headed over to The Invisible Dog Art Center to check out an exhibit I read about on Poppytalk. The exhibit was called the Exploded Mind of Muholland, an interesting mix of drawings and mini dioramas by Aaron Ruff and Oliver Jeffers. The drawings often listed the strengths and weaknesses of the animal and some pitted one animal against another. The dioramas were tiny little things you almost over look, with goats in trees, hidden geese and deer with an underground lair. There was also a sort of summer camp cabin set up in the middle of the space that you could walk into, it was like someone had just left and you were snooping around.

Invisible Dog (3) Invisible Dog (2) Invisible Dog (4) Invisible Dog (7) Invisible Dog (5)

Hidden behind the wall at the back was another exhibit we didn’t know about called Handmade Frames by Ryan Frank. It was pretty cool and I’m glad we stumbled behind the wall. The images were all taken from the road or along it and presented in various viewing boxes. The angles and frames of different boxes was very interesting. The windows also had large images behind them. When I first walked in, I didn’t realize that the first one part of a larger image when you stepped back in the room. It made me feel like I was looking out windows some where at home. 

Invisible Dog (8)Invisible Dog (11) Invisible Dog (10)Invisible Dog (14)If you get a chance to see these exhibits at some point, you definitely should. Exploded Mind is at the center until May 18th, but Handmade Frames has already closed, I’m sure it will be somewhere else. Not matter what is up at the Invisible Dog Art Center, you should go check it out, it’s a pretty cool space and it seems we had just missed some live music going on before we arrived.

Invisible Dog (12) Invisible Dog (16)Don’t forget to check out Melissa’s post here if you haven’t already!