Red Hook Winery and Other Memorial Day Shenanigans

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMemorial Day weekend was shaping up to be one big, crappy, rainy, cold mess. Another depressing weekend to add to all the others before it. Luckily the sun decided to shine on Monday and the temperature rose above 70 and it turned into a pretty great holiday. My friend Stephanie invited me to join her and some other friends in Red Hook for a wine tasting that afternoon at Red Hook Winery. It is kind of hidden if you don’t know your way around the area. It is way out on the end of  pier 41 next to Fairway hidden behind a parking lot and garden along the water front. You can go through the garden away or follow the signs for Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies on the streets and you will end up in the right place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe winery is pretty new and does daily tastings that start at $5 for three. They source all their grapes from New York state, mostly the North Fork on Long Island. We stuck with the $5 tasting. All during the tasting our host did a great job of describing the wines, where the grapes came from and what the different creators had in mind as they blended the grapes and wines. We started with a Riesling from 2010. I will not pretend to know wine in anyway shape or form, so I won’t even bother trying to describe taste for you. I will say that this one was too dry for me. The next sample was an orange wine, which was something new to me. My understanding is that it is white wine that has allowed the skins to hang out for awhile, changing the color. I did not really like it, but it was interesting and their Black Label. The final wine we had was a red blend, their Black and Blue from 2009. This one might have been my favorite, but again, it was a bit too dry for me.

RH Wine (21)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARH Wine (33)RH Wine (29)After the winery we couldn’t not stop in to Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies for a Swingle since it right there. In case you were wondering that would be a mini key lime pie cover in chocolate on a stick. It is amazing. We finished those and headed over to Brooklyn Crab for a drink in the sun. The place is three levels with a restaurant space and a mini golf in the back. We went to the mini golf area where there are picnic tables and hung out for awhile. None of us were really in the mood to actually play. After a drink we moved on to Brooklyn Icehouse since it was unlikely that we were going to get a table any time soon and someone was allergic to shellfish, so it wouldn’t have been such a great time for them.

RH Wine (36)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARH Wine (41)RH Wine (42)Icehouse has a large back area too, but it was pretty full and we had spent quite a bit of time in the sun. Some of the fairer skinned folks were getting a bit red, so having to sit inside wasn’t the worst thing. We ordered some delicious pulled pork sandwiches and frito pies. Someone who shares a kitchen with a popcicle maker brought in some to share. I had an awesome pineapple jalapeno one. So good! After hanging out there for a while I had to go get some work done. So my fun in the sun was over for the day. After a weekend of unpleasant rainy weather, it was a great end to the long weekend. I can’t wait for more fun down in Red Hook this Summer!
RH Wine (44)