Sunday Evening Virtual Coffee Date | Fourteen

Hamilton's Brunch

Hamilton’s Brunch

If we were having coffee this evening, I would tell you that I cannot believe this is my last weekend living in New York. This is it, next Friday I am on a plane. I have been so busy meeting with friends, trying to do all the stuff I hadn’t done yet, doing the things I love to do again. eating at my favorite spots and trying a few new ones and packing. I have a lot of posting to get done. Melissa and I had a stoop sale today up at her apartment off the park where there is a lot of foot traffic. It went better than I thought, which is great. I have also been selling all my larger pieces of furniture on Craiglist. The only thing left is the couch and if it goes like everything else, we will be good.

IMG_4760If we were having coffee this evening. I would tell you that New York weather is trying really hard to keep me here. The last few days have been a bit humid, but in all reality, the last few weeks have been  beautiful. Damn You. I spent a beautiful day on the beach at Rockaway last week. Perfect ride out and everything.

If we were having coffee this evening, I would tell you that so many of my great friends made it out to Brooklyn Brewery Friday night as a send off party. I had so much fun and will miss all of them very much. We shut down the brewery and proceeded to hang out at a couple other places before the night ended. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

IMG_4765If we were having coffee this evening, I would tell you that brunch at Hunter’s on Smith Street is amazing, especially the Elvis french toast. And that brunch at Hamilton’s is good too, but please note that the chorizo biscuits and gravy is spicy and is not white gravy.  And while we are on the subject of food, Melissa and I finally got cronuts! We were in line at 6 am. I know. They were pretty good, as good as a three hour line? Maybe if you only had to do it once, but they are delicious. But I would say the DKA is better. Just so you know.

Melissa and her Cronut

Melissa and her Cronut

If we were having coffee this evening, I would tell you that Christine hosted movies on the rooftop again last night. We watched The Breakfast Club and Back to the Future. Hillary made killer cereal milk martinis and there was an assortment of breakfast foods. I haven’t watched either one of them in so long. We realized that based on Back to the Future, a lot of things are going to change in the next two years.

IMG_4799If we were having coffee this evening, I would say that Melissa, Kurt and I ran down Park Avenue yesterday for Summer Streets. Get there early if you want to see the tunnel, we were there at 12:30 and missed it cause they closed it early. You have to enter on 32nd Street. We were blocks from the finish when it ended and the cops kicked us to the sidewalk. I would say next time, but that might be awhile…