Sunday Afternoon Coffee Date [Good-bye New York]

She's being so good, it's scary

She’s being so good, it’s scary

The boxes have shipped and already arrive at my brothers or parents. The suitcase are over stuffed. The good-byes have been finally said. The cat has been sedated and this morning I board a plane with Princess Chunk headed to Wisconsin. This morning I actually left New York with no return date in site. I some how managed to not cry saying good-bye to my friends last night after one last night out in our neighborhood or this morning as they helped me load all my remaining bags in the cab to take me away. But I didn’t make it across the Manhattan Bridge on the way to Newark Airport or during take off as I watched the skyline of Manhattan and Brooklyn appear then disappear and I couldn’t answer my mom when she asked if I was sad about leaving. And I am pretty sure the guy sitting next to me probably thinks I’m crazy since I keep tearing up as I try to write this. I am going to miss New York and everyone in it. I am definitely ready for the next chapter, whatever it may be, but wish I could take all my wonderful friends with me.   New York would not be the same with out them. I may not have gotten so into biking with out them, missed some amazing exhibit or had as much fun as I did. When you think about it, no matter where you are, it’s the people that shape your experiences and I had some great people shaping my time.

When I tell people that I have decided to leave New York, with no set job or place to go, just rambling around from place to place until I find where I am suppose to be, they all say, that’s so exciting! You’re going to have so much fun, I wish I had done something like that. The summer has been very fun and I know that I will have more fun as I go along, but I think people also mean that scary, which is why they haven’t done it. I am terrified of all the unknowns that currently lie ahead of me, and I hope that everyone is right when they say it’s all going to work out. I still only half believe it, probably because I am not entirely sure I know what I am doing and now I just moved away from my familiar home, the one that I spent the majority of my 20’s in and all the friends I made along the way. Deep down I know it will work out, but not knowing how, or what or where is a bit daunting.
I can’t thank all the friends, family and colleagues, who have much more confidence than I do in my abilities to sort it all out, enough. I have been running you through ideas, rambling on and on about this and that, asked you to watch my cat and disappeared for weeks at time. For those I left behind in New York, I can promise I will be back to visit, probably sooner than I think. Once I figure out where I am going, you are all certainly welcome to join or visit. Maybe I should just take the cue from my MSP airport napkin and go with it.
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