James Terrell at the Guggenhiem

Gug JT (2)One of the things I wanted to do before leaving New York was go to the Guggenheim one more time.  Lucky for me, the main exhibit was James Turrell.  The entire lobby is enclosed with different shelves at each level and the light changes from darker at the bottom to white at the top. It’s pretty amazing. My friend Pascale and her baby meet me for the afternoon to check it out. You’re not suppose to take pictures so I don’t really have much for you. But Squidsy did seem to like it.

Gug JT (11) Gug JT (12) Gug JT (14) Gug JT (16) Gug JT (17)

There was only five pieces, all interesting and beautiful. I don’t know if it was worth the cost or wait though to be honest. I think I would have felt differently if he actually used the ramp spaces in some way, they were just for circulation and it was kind of disappointing.  The pieces were very interesting and beautiful, so maybe that’s just me being a brat. You should probably check it out, you have until the 25th of September.

Look how big Squidsy is! Almost a year old.

Look how big Squidsy is! Almost a year old.