Sunday Afternoon Virtual Coffee Date | Sixteen

photo (3)If we were having coffee this afternoon I would tell you how crazy the last two weeks have been since I left New York and it doesn’t look like its going to change anytime soon.  I arrived in Wisconsin and stayed with my brother for six days. After that, I went to Yankton to see my grandma and hang out for Labor Day weekend. I got to see my uncles band play at Ribfest and hang out with some old friends. Next stop was home for less than 24 hours before heading to Denver, where I currently am now, crashing on an old in person coffee date’s couch for a week. (We are actually out at a coffee shop right now working on random things.) Next stop is Bozeman, before heading home to help out with silage for a couple weeks then down to Austin at the end of the month for Austin City Limits then back up to Wisconsin and Minneapolis, I think.  It’s all still a bit undecided…

His mouth opens and his ears wiggle

His mouth opens and his ears wiggle

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you about the five day cleanse I made my brother do with me. After all the terrible delicious food that I had to have again before leaving New York, and enjoyed in New Orleans and Martha’s Vineyard, I felt I need to detox a bit. I mostly used  this Dr. Oz one and kind of made it more veggie centered. We stuck to the smoothies the first day, love the apple one, and made it for breakfast the rest of the week. Then we had big salads for one meal and lean meat and a whole grain like quinoa for the other. If we needed a snack, we had some cheese or nuts as suggested. It worked pretty well, I felt much better and was not eating like a crazy person after.  I was also able to bike every day since Fancy bike was sent to him and he had it put together by the time I got there. It was nice to do an 8 mile run nonstop. So nice.

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I was able to attend the Newell Labor Day Rodeo, the small annual event that takes place in the town were I went to school. I caught up with a couple high school friends and saw my sisters for a bit before they headed back to school.  The rodeo was the same as always. The best part was the bull riding at usual, and the mutton busting was pretty funny too. The funniest was the sheep tepeeing. The objective is for you and a partner to catch a sheep and put him in a tepee.  There are a couple rules: your sheep must stay in the tepee until you cross the finish and you must run back the the finish, at the other end of the arena, holding hands with your partner. I took the video below, which is pretty funny, but in the next heat a guy tried to get two sheep in one go and end up being clothes lined by them. Pretty good stuff in a small town.

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I am enjoying Denver. I am warming up to it more and more. The friends I am staying with are half way between Denver and Boulder. They are far too nice to let me crash with them. I made brunch this morning, Almond and Raspberry Pancakes, I will share the recipe later, but given the delicious fish tacos and other meals they have made me, I am still in debt.  I’ve had a meeting or interview every day so far, done some hiking, and am slowly getting used to the very fast driving down here. It makes me a bit nervous. My friends boxer is also making me want a dog, but judging by how poorly it is going back in South Dakota with Princess Chunk and my parents pets, I don’t think she will allow it. Sigh.

Nap time with Bozeman

Nap time with Bozeman

If were having coffee this afternoon we would talk about the show I saw. We went to see Jason Isbell at the Bluebird earlier this week. The venue is pretty sweet, but it was way to hot. Katie and I both had to step outside a couple times because we felt faint. The band was really good. He has some seriously dedicated fans who were going crazy. I hadn’t heard of him, but since my friends were going, I figured it would be a good time, who doesn’t like live music, and it was like going to a show in New York at the Webster Hall, just a bit smaller.

IMG_5152If we were having coffee this afternoon you would probably ask me if I miss New York. I’m not sure, there are definitely certain things, like my favorite coffee shop, WI had nothing where I was, but Katie and I have found a pretty good spot near her home to hang out in.  having good friends to doing things with definitely makes it a bit less noticeable. I was going crazy at my brothers. Otherwise, I wish I could have been in New York for my friends birthday parties that happened this weekend, but I am running around so much right now, that I don’t think I will really miss it until I actually stop running and have a home… we’ll see.


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  1. Christine

    Glad to see you’re still leading an exciting life, even outside of NYC! Sheep teepeeing … that’s a new one.

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