Monica Bill Barnes Company

Some time I think in the last year, Christian got a group of us together to to see live broadcast version of This American Life with Ira Glass at BAM. One of the acts was the Monica Bill Barnes Copmany and they were amazing. I started checking their schedule periodically to see when they would be preforming again in New York, but the one time they were, I missed it. Then I kinda forgot about it in all the moving stuff.

At the start of September I was working at one of my favorite Bozeman coffee shops and was absent-mindly staring at poster. When I finally decided to focus, I realized it was for the Monica Bill Barnes Company who were going to be preforming in Bozeman the Ellen Theater the next weekend. I rounded up a couple friends and bought some tickets.

I couldn’t take any photos, but they were awesome. So very, very, very good. The piece is called Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host:
Ira Glass, Monica Bill Barnes, Anna Bass. Monica and Anna play off of each other so well and engage the audience. They did a version of the piece above. If you get the chance, you need to see them.