Yarn Christmas Tree DIY

xmas tree (10)I love decorating for Christmas. The lights and pretty ornaments just make me happy. In Brooklyn, I didn’t really have room for a tree in my first apartment, so I got a wreath that I decorated the first year. In the end, I continued using the same decorations for then next five Christmases because I liked them so much and they fit in one box that I could stash in the closet. When I moved, the decorations were given to my first roommate, who I trust has put them to good use this year.


First Year, First Apartment

Second Apartment

Second Apartment

In my current place, I wasn’t even going to decorate. I was home for Thanksgiving and got to help set up the tree there and I didn’t want to spend money on new stuff. Plus my roommate is anti-Christmas and my current home is temporary, so I just didn’t feel like it. In the end, I couldn’t resist.

I don’t know where I saw it, (I tried to find it again and failed), but I saw the idea of using yard to make a tree on the wall. I remember it looked cute, would be easy and not too invasive, so hopefully my roommate wouldn’t care. My version would involve four things: green yarn, blue bows, sparkly snowflakes and clear 3M wall hooks.

I placed the top hook as high as I could reach it and then placed seven smaller hooks equally spaced along the baseboard. I used a bigger hook at the top and smaller ones along the bottom. I tied the yarn at the bottom corner and then wrapped it around the top and back down to the opposite far corner. From there I looped the yarn around the next hook at the bottom and then back to the top, coming back down to the next hook in the row. Once I had looped through each hook along the bottom, I returned the yarn to the top and tied it off.

xmas tree (9) xmas tree (2)Next I twisted the snowflakes on the yarn. This was a bit tricky at times. I was planning on attaching them a different way, but looping the yarn around a top and bottom arm of the flake worked best. In places I just needed a bit more slack in the yarn so that the snowflakes wouldn’t pop off as I put another one down the line. In the end I got them all to stay where I wanted. Some are only looped around the top or bottom, but they stay put. The final touch was tying the bow to the top and waa la! An adorable Christmas tree!

xmas tree (8) xmas tree (5)I made a kiss tree to sit beside it on the end table and all we need now are some presents at the bottom. My roommate really liked it in the end too and was talking about making a fake fireplace she saw to hang our stockings on. So the holiday spirit is taking over our little apartment despite the freezing cold! It’s probably time to bake more cookies.

xmas tree (11)


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