Some Happy Holiday News!

Yesterday I started a new job in Bozeman and it is not just freelance! Yesterday morning I was up before the sun. That hasn’t happened in a long time. I thought about sharing the news earlier, but I didn’t want to say anything until it actually happened.

Yesterday's Sunrise

Yesterday’s Sunrise

I am working for an interior design firm and the work is very similar to what I was doing in New York before I left. I really like the style of the place, not too much mountain rustic, which can be hard to find out here. I’ll keep you updated, but I hope this means that things are going to work out and I will be sticking around for quite awhile. I will miss being able to wake up, decide it is too cold out and stay in bed for a couple hours reading, my new coffee shop friends, and other perks associated with unemployment. But my time has been much more enjoyable the past couple weeks knowing I was going to have a steady pay check soon. It has certainly made my holiday season pretty happy!


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