City Gift Exchange

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWay back in November (I think) some time, Melissa told me about a City Gift Exchange by Allison from Be Up & Doing. The idea is that you get the name and address of someone in another city. I was given a Melissa in Ohio to send some fun Bozeman, or really Montana in my case. Everyone has the same budget and you have to send your package by December 20th. I got mine out the door just in time and this it what it contained:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A few huckleberry chocolate items, goat milk lotion, native seeds, a Funtana tea towel that I think I need to get for myself, and a MSU coffee mug, that is the perfect size.


My gift was from Heather also from Ohio. She sent me this package:


I am so excited to try out some of the recipes in the cookbook. If I was still in New York, my friend and Ohio lover, Kurt, would probably give me unending crap for wanting to try something from Ohio. I am also excited about the coffee. I love surprises sometimes and this was good one. I am definitely going to do this again next year and thank you Heather for such a great gift!