Sunday Afternoon Virtual Coffee Date [2013 Holiday Edition]

If we were having coffee this afternoon, it would be in the ski lodge or on the lift because we are skiing right now. And we would be talking about all our holiday fun. So let’s begin and hopefully I will end up at the bottom unhurt.

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you I’ve had a great holiday season. For the first time in years I drove home. And it sucked. I really wish I could just hop on a train for seven hours instead of driving a car. especially when weather makes the drive eight hours. At least fun was waiting for me when I got home. My cousin Rachael was there and my sisters. While we were waiting for my brother and grandma to show up late Christmas day, we went skiing and the next day we did some snowmobiling. There was also plenty of family time and delicious food.sunday xmas food

If were were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I got some pretty sweet gifts this year. I was especially impressed by my sister’s handy work on a bed for Princess Chunk. That cat is spoiled rotten by other people more than me. I think it is awesome, now we just need to get her in it more. My cousin also made me some really cute ear rings and hair pieces with buttons.

sunday xmas giftsIf we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you that my friend Melissa, (and her boyfriend Kurt), is the best friend ever. They sent me a great necklace for Christmas on top of everything else she has sent me this year.Xmas 2014 (29)

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you about this awesome game app called Heads Up! that Rachael introduced us to. It is kinda like catch phrase but instead of trying to get your team mates to guess the words, they have to get you to guess it, and it records your teammates trying to get you to guess. You have one minute to get them to guess as many as possible. Kristen’s whale reenactment was the best by far, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t say the answer. This is one is of Kristen trying to get her teammate to get to 10 and beat the record. Unfortunately there is no sound, but it’s still pretty funny:

If we were having coffee this morning, I might suggest we go for a ride in my car because I finally have one of my own. I have been looking at cars for a while now and told my dad that I was especially interested in a diesel Jetta. He found a 2006 for me with low mileage and a sun roof. After a lot of debating about whether or not to wait, we decided that finding another with less than 100,000 miles on it might be a bit difficult and went for it. So far, I love it.

If we were having coffee this afternoon, we would talk about the new carpet we installed in my grandparents bedroom. In one day, we hauled the furniture out, pulled up the old carpet and padding, let the guys install it, while I went to get a car, and came back to move everything back in the exact same spot. We did a pretty good job, don’t know why I didn’t snap a final shot.Xmas 2014 (27)

If we were having coffee the afternoon, I would tell you that I had a fun New Year’s. I hung out at one friends house for a while playing clue and having fun with the girls and then went to another’s to ring in the New Year with plenty of champagne at both. I will leave you with this video shot shortly after midnight.


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  1. Melissa Graveline

    Yay! Glad you like the necklace! And I’m pumped about the Jetta! All through high school and college, I drove a ’97 Jetta. It was pink/rose colored. Welcome to the club :)

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