Ben & Dusty’s First Occasional Laser Tag

At the start of January my friends Ben and Dusty decided they wanted to do get a big group of friends together and do something besides hang out at the bar or go to a movie or any other typical activity. They organize Ben and Dusty’s First Occasional Laser Tag. They were able to reserve the place for us one Sunday night. We could bring in food and drinks and play as many games as possible until we were ready to quit.

I don't really get the alien theme.

I don’t really get the alien theme.

I had never played before and it was a blast. Only 7 of us could play at a time and each game was 15 minutes long. It was much more of a workout than any of us thought it would be, must have been all the squatting down to hide.

Thinks he's hiding

Thinks he’s hiding

We played everyone against everyone and then on teams. Teams was way better. Those who weren’t playing could watch from above. I was terrible for the most part. I did get second once. I don’t think I really started to figure it out what I was doing until the last couple games. You have to keep both hands on the gun or it wouldn’t fire and I was terrible at keeping my right hand in the right spot.

And he's hit

And he’s hit

Really looking forward to the second occasional laser tag.

Teamed up

Teamed up