The Sip ‘N Dip

Hide and Seek

Yes- that is a mermaid you see…

Oh the Sip ‘N Dip. The only place in Montana where you can go enjoy a large fishbowl cocktail while watching mermaids swim behind the bar as you watch from your tiki themed booth while listening to Piano Pat play some Johnny Cash. I have been this diamond in the rough a few times since thanks to a couple weddings and other shenanigans that have taken me to Great Falls and it never fails to amuse me.

The one on  the left was being sassy

The one on the left was being sassy

sipndip (2)sipndip (16)While on our way to Whitefish to ski, we stopped in Great Falls. It was Valentine’s Day and we decided that the best way to spend it would be at the Sip ‘N Dip. The place is famous. It has made the top 10 of GQ’s best bars in a America. Piano Pat is a living legend who is pushing 80 and still singing, CBS even did a story on her.

Piano Pat

Piano Pat

Such an unassuming front

Such an unassuming front

You kind of have to go if you are in Great Falls on a Friday or Saturday night. The bar is located on the second floor of a hotel and the mermaid swim in the pool with windows behind the bar. The more you tip them, the more tricks they do. Robin and I managed to finish a delicious fish bowl all by ourselves. These are bigger than your head. It’s such a funny place and I love checking it out every chance I get. You should too.

Robin & I are pretty awesome at posing for pictures

Robin & I are pretty awesome at posing for pictures- thanks for taking many Greg!


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