Change of Address

It only took me two and a half months and receiving an “I’m Moving!” email from a good friend to finally get my new address “cards” out to friends. I was going to send them via snail mail, but that was why I was dragging my feet in the first place, so I went with blind email instead.

And now I share it with you:

NY to MT addressInspiration came from my map I did awhile back of all my travels while trying to figure out where I was going to move. I did I final total of milage and last year I traveled 25581 miles in the air and 6681 on the ground. That’s crazy. It didn’t really feel like that much, but I guess when you run across the country and back again it adds up. I am very happy to have a place to call home after all of that and you are all welcome to visit me and the mountains any time.