The Big Sky Pond Skim

What a ridiculous and fun Saturday. I had never been up to the pond skim when I was in school and I am a bit sad I didn’t. For those of you who don’t know, the pond skim is a big party at the end of the ski season. They fill pools at the base of the hill and people try to ski across. Typically in funny costumes. Few people make it across. Most crashes are pretty funny and those who do make it across get a huge round of applause. And everyone is drinking.

I’m going to try and break this down blow by blow and hopefully best communicate how silly and awesome the day was. The pictures should help.

1. Just after noon, Mikki and I meet up at Dawn’s house. Dawn has mimosas in to go cups for the ride up to the hill.

2. Dawn scores amazing Barbie parking right next to the lodge after all signs say the lot is full. No sexual favors required.

3. We meet up with boys, who were already drunk. We work on catching up.

The Boys

The Boys

4. The skim starts and we make our way up the hill. One little boy follows his dad down the hill, dad face plants, it and the kid maneuvers around him in the water and makes it out. Another girl had a bit too many to drink, falls before the pond, gets back up, finishes the run in to the pond, face plants in the water and then into the crotch of the guy fishing her out. A couple guys try the rail and make it all the way across.

Bottom Row of Pics via Mikki

Bottom Row of Pics via Mikki

5. We make our way back to the base lodge, listen to the band playing, watch Chewbacca dance and continue the merriment the sun.

BSPS after6. A much needed dinner. During which Mikki and I text each other the whole time over Bob. I stop drinking.

7. After killing an hour or so waiting for the next band to start and the boys to get out of their snow gear, we finish our time on the hill dancing for a few hours.

Big Sky Skim (34)8. After a slightly stressful drive for me in Dawn’s suburban with everyone singing at the top of thier lungs that Story of My Life song, we arrive back the condo in the meadow. I demand a mimosa and a shot of fire ball (it was all we had) while Dawn made nachos and we headed to our hot tub.

BSPS condo

The damage to the gallon of Fireball

9. After at least an hour overflowing the hot tub and too much fire ball, We all crashed. I some how landed the huge master bed all to myself.
Big Sky Skim (39)10. Next morning is a 8:30 wake-up and clean-up to get out by check out. Everyone was at least semi-functional, but I was elected driver again back to Bozeman. Backstreet Boys greeted us in the car. We get back before 11 and get ready for our respective Easter fun.

Minus the one stressful point, it was a great weekend and it seems that next year is only going to be better since we are talking about a two night stay. Maybe that’s a bad idea…




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