End of Winter Bonfire

Bonfire 2Last weekend a friend of a friend hosted his annual bonfire out past Belgrade. I’m not exactly sure why he does it at this time of year or why he does it at all other than it’s fun, but I like to think it’s to celebrate the end of winter.

The down side to this year was that it was drizzling rain most of the time, but the fire was so big, you didn’t really notice. Apparently when they started it before we arrive, it got to 50 feet high. It was consistently 15 to 20 feet high. For the most part you didn’t want to get much closer than 10 feet away, it was so hot. I said we should have brought stuff to make s’mores, but it would have been tough to get close enough to melt the mallow.

Bonfire 3Bonfire 5bonfire 6BonfireThere is a big empty shop where people would cool and dry off, play some beer pong or corn hole. He had, not just a keg, but a keg truck and a big grill for making burgers and hot dog. I preferred to stick by the fire most part. The rain really didn’t seem to bother anyone, except there were less people than normal I am told. It was a great night and great reminder of why I love Montana.

Bonfire 1