Norris Hot Springs

Norris (2)

The bands play in the dome to keep warm, it opens up in the summer.

One of my favorite activities in Montana, especially in cooler weather, is to go out to the hot springs. You have a few choices here for natural hot springs, but my favorite is probably Norris Hot Springs. It’s about 30 to 40 minutes from Bozeman and typically has live music Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. After a long day of skiing or early spring hike or to celebrate something, a run out to the springs is the perfect ending to the day.

Norris (1)The drive out along the Madison River is always beautiful and the scenery around Norris are also gorgeous. They have changing rooms and pool side picnic tables. But only port-a-potties, so you have been warned. The pool is made of wood, they never use and chemicals and the pool is completely drained and refilled everyday. The have a pretty good beer and wine selection. I just have to remember to not get too dehydrated, especially when it is really cold out and you don’t want to get out of the pool. If you come visit, this will be one of our stops.


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