Purple Mountain Trail [Yellowstone Day Two]

Quake Lake & Yellowstone (85)After a rain free night camping, I made pancakes for breakfast. Shake them up in bottle. My mom was happy to see I was using the mini cast iron skillets she gave me.

Quake Lake & Yellowstone (81) Quake Lake & Yellowstone (87)We packed up camp and headed north to check out some mud pot and mud volcanoes. I love mud pots. They are just so fun to watch boil.

Quake Lake & Yellowstone (96) Quake Lake & Yellowstone (95) Quake Lake & Yellowstone (99) Quake Lake & Yellowstone (90) Quake Lake & Yellowstone (91)We continued up the road to Artist’s Point to check out The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the Lower Falls. I have been to this place many times and it never gets less beautiful. On the way there we saw a bit of wildlife and some beautiful mountain views. And some silly tourist.

Quake Lake & Yellowstone (94)

The Sexy Electrician took this one with some awesome filter

Quake Lake & Yellowstone (92) Quake Lake & Yellowstone (93)After the Canyon Village, we set out to do some hiking. Based on the discussion we had with a ranger earlier, we decided to hike up Purple Mountain, just north of Madison Junction. It was around six miles round trip, up and back down the mountain with a elevation gain of about 1600 feet. For the most part, the hike was in a heavily wooded area with a steady incline. As we hiked higher, we did start to get some amazing views of the valley below. When we got to the top, we wished we had grabbed the park map and brought it with so we could decide where we had been hiking the day before. We could see the waterfall we were going to hike to after Sentinel Meadows, but decided not to.

Purple mountain

Amazing panoramic views of the valley below

Quake Lake & Yellowstone (104)After the hike, we headed out of Yellowstone back to West Yellowstone. We had to stop for coffee again at  Freeheel and Wheel on our way out. Then we took the beautiful road through Big Sky back to Bozeman and made it back before 7 PM. I was exhausted after all the hiking, slightly cold weather, and camp sleeping, but it was an awesome trip. We spent most of the drive back looking up hikes and features in the park, planning future trips. In fact, since this post, I’ve already been back, but more on that later.



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