Livingston Fourth of July Celebration

4th of july rodeoThe Fourth of July was a blast. I love the Fourth. It might be my favorite holiday. This year a group of us went to Livingston for the big PRCA Rodeo and stayed over night in my boss’s studio downtown so we could enjoy all of the night life.

Via The Sexy Electrician

Via The Sexy Electrician

We arrived early on the Fourth to check out the studio and set up the extra bed for Dusty before we headed out for the day. My boss’s husband is a blacksmith artist, (remember this trip home?) and they purchased a studio for him downtown. Inside the studio is an actual living studio that is adorable. The whole space is really cool with a gallery space in front and all of Ira’s stuff in back with his forge. There is always something new and interesting to check out.

Liv 4th RD  (7)

Hang out in the Gallery     Via TSE

Gallery Shots Via TSE

Liv 4th RD  (8)

Studio Interior    Via TSE

Liv 4th RD  (1)

Studio Interior     Via Dawn

Studio Interiors Top two via TSE and the bottom two via Dawn

Anyway- after we set up the extra mattress, we moseyed down to the Art Fair by the old train depot. I was on the hunt for some cool jewelry. There was definitely some eclectic stuff, but nothing that was really amazing except one booth’s pieces. In the end I didn’t get anything, but it was fun to look at all the photography, metal-smith pieces, paintings, the list goes on. It was getting pretty warm for mountainy Montana so when Dawn and Dusty told us they had secured a table at the Rib and Chop, we were on the way for some tasty drinks and an early dinner before heading to the rodeo.

Not a bad scene for a rodeo

Not a bad scene for a rodeo

The rodeo was awesome as expected. We sat at the far end, next to the roping chutes so we had prime seating for the steer wrestling and roping. The steers were pretty smart that night and kept stopping short so the cowboys were riding right past them.

One of the few who caught his steer

One of the few who caught his steer

Barrel-racer blur

Barrel-racer blur

As usual, the bronc, bareback and bull riding were my favorite part. The rodeo clown was pretty funny, but not my favorite. He did have some adorable dogs doing adorable things.

At the end, all the lights went out and the fireworks commenced. I didn’t even take pictures, I was too excited. I love fireworks!

The 'burb was a bit full, The Sexy Electrician opted to ride in the way back.

The ‘burb was a bit full, The Sexy Electrician opted to ride in the way back.

After the rodeo, we crammed back in the suburban and downtown for some fun. We were dancing at The office, enjoying my coworker’s boyfriend’s band at the Murray, and had one drink at The Owl to top off the night. It was so fun wandering around. We had our drinks in plastic cups and just went from bar to bar. The cops didn’t say a word when we passed them. When everything was shut down, the four of us staying at the studio went back there and hung out talking for a bit listening to some music, (that would later be needed to drown out Dusty’s snoring), before crashing.

4th of july gilsIn the morning we packed up and headed to Gil’s for a quick breakfast and to the little wine shop across the street to pick up our hosts a thank you bottle before heading out on a hike. It was such a great time. We only had one true fail and that was the lack of late night snacks. We’ve got it covered for next year.