Floating the Yellowstone

10505156_10204721835352399_587330890761709051_oIf given the opportunity, I think I could float down a river every weekend. It is one of the most relaxing things ever. Great friends, a cooler of beer, good food and a raft with a lazy(ish) river might be the best combination of things ever. For the last two weekends, I got to enjoy this wonderful combo followed by more relaxing by the river. I love summer in Montana!

The Sunday after the Fourth of July and the next Saturday, my friend Dawn invited us to float with her and her best friend Ang’s, family on the Yellowstone south of Livingston. We rented rafts from Rubber Ducky and dropped in at Emigrant. We spent about four to five hours on the river with a few stops along the way, stopping at Mallard’s Rest.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10536234_10204721864673132_5555038360798993101_oThe first weekend we had a fishing boat and non-fishing boat. Since John, Ang’s husband, and The Sexy Electrician were the only guys, they were our captains for the trip. TSE had never rowed a raft before, so it was kind of entertaining watching as his fisherman directed him from one side of the river to the other looking for sweet spots. Unfortunately, it was midday and warm so no fish were caught. It seemed very few people were getting any bites, so we didn’t feel too bad. The fisherman and grandson decided to stay at the house when we stopped by their river beach for a bathroom break. The rest of the float was pretty easy for TSE.

YS River round 2 (1) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYS River round 2 (2)The following weekend, the same crew was out with a few different faces. There was no fishing and another friend brought their raft, so their rowed and TSE got to relax the whole time. I was lazy the entire time. The only thing I did was occasionally grab a beer or snack for someone.

After finishing up, we piled in to the car we had left at the end and headed back up to grab the other vehicles at the launch. And maybe a drink at the Old Saloon before heading back to grab whoever was waiting at the end for a ride back to Ang’s parent’s home.


Weekend one we had a fun ride back



YS River round 2 (29) YS River round 2 (15) 10454503_10204759648737710_6044981636864666661_o

I would like Ang's Parents to adopt me

I would like Ang’s Parents to adopt me

They have an amazing house with a huge porch and property right on the river with a stretch of beach. We hung out drinking, celebrating my and Ang’s birthdays a bit. Both days were so great, it was hard to pack it up and go home at night. Hopefully they invite us back again. In the meantime, I’m sure we’ll head out on some other river adventures.

YS River round 2 (48)

*PIctures of me from Dawn or Ang. Or The Sexy Electrician


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