An Evening in Livingston

IMG_2486I’ve mentioned Livingston before. It’s a smaller town on the other side of Bridger Pass, about 30 minutes from Bozeman. It’s know for the trains, wind and as an artist town. It’s also pretty fun, but since it’s over the mountain and through the canyon, we don’t go over often. There are many great spots to eat and drink and have fun at, I think we need to get over there more often.

The Saturday after Halloween, The Sexy Master Electrician and I found ourselves over there for a night out. We went over for dinner and to watch a friend’s band play later on. (I apologize for not taking many pictures, I wasn’t really planning on posting it!) We crashed at my boss’s studio that evening and proceeded to spend most of Sunday on the east side of the Bridgers.

I loved the neon owl

I loved the neon owl

We started a pre-dinner drink and some MSU football at The Owl. It was pretty quite inside, so we could actually hear each other talk. The bartender was a super nice old guy who was great to chat with and not too nosy or talkative.


From there we headed over to The Second Street Bistro for a late dinner. It was amazing. We kind of went all out and did a full bottle of wine, an appetizer and dessert with our main course dishes with post dinner tea and espresso. I felt like I might burst when it was over and I wanted to eat more. We had the nicest waitress and, whether it was the later time or their typical attitude, I am not sure, we were there for two hours, and never felt rushed or like we were a bother. It was great. Oh and in case you were wondering, we had crab cakes, steak frites, the ravioli special and creme brulee.

This little hippo salt holder was adorable

This little hippo salt holder was adorable

After dinner we rolled ourselves next door to the Murray Bar.  Some of the band members of The BusDriver Tour playing with a few friends. They were really fun and the bar was surprisingly quite. We heard that the town blew it out the night before and there was a Day of the Dead party going on that night as well. We didn’t mind it at all. We enjoyed some cocktails and the music before calling it a night and crashing at the studio.

One of the pieces at the studio using freestalls from home.

One of the pieces at the studio using freestalls from home.

The next morning, at the recommendation of my boss, we headed to Pinky’s Cafe for breakfast. Another delicious meal. I had a weird breakfast potpie that was combination of ham, sausage, bacon, gravy, egg and biscuits. The cafe was tiny and reminded me of places in New York. It was great little cozy spot.

Main Street Livingston, with Pinky's at the end!

Main Street Livingston, with Pinky’s in the middle!

IMG_2493We headed south from town down to Yellowstone to spend some time in the Boiling River. It was perfect, until more people started showing up. Then we went back to Livingston for lunch and a beer. There is a new brewery in town, and we were hoping they served food, but not yet. So we went back to Gil’s Goods for a quick bite.

Yummy Gil's burger with mini pickle

Yummy Gil’s burger with mini pickle


Always great and went back to the Katabatic Brewery. It just opened in September. It was pretty good. I only had enough energy for one beer,  but TSME tried a couple different options. The space was nice too. I want to go  back when I am not so tired with a group to try it again.

IMG_2498 IMG_2497Even though we slept in that morning, I was exhausted by the time we left the brewery and headed home. Maybe it was the Halloween shenanigans from the night before, maybe it was the hot water in the river. Either way, I was happy to be home, but I think we need to spend more time exploring or just enjoying Livingston.