A shift in Priorities or…?

priorities-1024x768Clearly I have been slacking a lot around here. And it’s not just in the posting realm, it’s in the following realm as well.  I used to look at my Feedly  (or Google Reader, RIP) daily, unless I was on vacation or super busy, my feed was cleared daily. I was looking at it a week or so before Christmas and realized that I hadn’t looked since before Thanksgiving. I had over 500 unread posts. I also have over 90 articles to read saved in Evernote for some rainy day reading that I seem to never get around too…

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I am running around outside a lot more and the activities I am doing are similar and just don’t seem that interesting to post, or that I started spending more time with The Sexy Master Electrician and he eats up a fair amount of time or if I am just not as interest. I don’t think it’s the last one, I enjoy writing up posts and reading others. I think my priorities have shifted in some ways since I moved to Bozeman and I spend significantly less time on my computer than I did before. I rarely spend a Saturday or Sunday morning at a coffee shop on my computer.  Even when I am not doing anything at all and could be on my computer, I’m not.

This is how Princess Chunk Feels about all of my priorities.

This is how Princess Chunk Feels about all of my priorities.

Either way, I apologize, to those who actually care, that my posting has slowed down. Right now it seems to have slipped down the list of priorities. In the new year, I am rearranging my computer blogsphere priorities. I am not going to beat myself up for not posting weekly or reading every Feedly article. I mean how many times do you want to read about my ski adventures and do I really care to read about how to make a strawberry hat? Not really.

I like to look back at what I was doing, so I will  continue to post about those things that I find new and interesting, activities, recipes, etc, and continue with my recaps of day to day things in my Sunday Afternoon Posts. This probably means that my post will continue to be rather random in timing with my coffee posts remaining steady. Let’s keep it interesting shall we?